Monday, 4 October 2010

How many things can you do with a witch?

Last year my sister and I went to buy some pumpkins and they were being sold in really cool cardboard boxes with a picture of a witch and bats on the side.  I asked if I could have one of the boxes when it was empty but the staff member emptied the box and gave it to me there and then. 

If you look closely you can just make out my mother-in-law peeping from the side of the box (only kidding - don't shout at me!).

I opened up a sheet of laminate plastic so that the inside bit lay flat on top of the witch (tip: the inside is a bit textured so is really good to make a stencil from as it doesn't slip around) and traced around the witch.  I then cut my stencil.

I then used textured card and printed out the words "I'll get you my pretty..." using Blackadder font and then positioned the stencil on top and painted through (another good reason for using laminate sheets is that they are seethrough and you can see where you are painting).

I had had some frames made to fit something else and had a few left so painted them black and then distressed them with some dark wax.

I made one for me and one for my etsy shop.

I also made some burlap Halloween pillows yesterday and Witchypoo was put to good use again.
These are also available to buy from my etsy shop.

In the UK we decorate for Halloween on October 31st and take it down the next day.  It seems such a waste.  I've been so inspired by so many of you who decorate for Halloween the minute October comes around that I'm going to risk being ridiculed by my fellow Brits and am going to start decorating my house this week.  Obviously some things like the skeleton who sits on our downstairs look will have to wait until the 31st but I'm going to make a start!



  1. SERIOUSLY SOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love it. I will need to learn how to do stenciling on burlap someday. Love the MIL joke ;)

  2. always love stopping by your blog. You are one creative cookie! I always find lotsa inspiration here.

  3. What a cool silhouette!! Have yet to try your laminate pouch stencils but will do soon. We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia so it's fun seeing what others around the world do.

  4. oh I adore your burlap pillows! so cute & perfect texture for Fall...
    I just redid my mantle too, getting into the autumnal spirit
    Ada in Coastal Cali


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