Thursday, 23 September 2010

White Christmas

I have my first few Christmas Sale parties booked and am now busy trying to make a load of stuff to sell at them.

As well as some of my old favourites I like to add new things every year as I see a lot of the same faces every year and if I'm selling the same stuff all the time then naturally, they'll probably stop coming.

So I've made quite a few ornaments from china clay.
I've used this clay before to make buttons adorning dresses of angels that I also make to sell at Christmas.

I've stamped images onto the clay before but this time stamped Christmas sayings. 

As well as the big tree we have at Christmas which the children help to decorate I always like to have a small one which usually has white decorations on it and lots of mercury glass candle holders all around.

Lily made a little heart and stamped her name on it.

We are going to make a ton of these with her friends names on to use as gift tags to hang on their presents this Christmas - they can then hang them on their trees and they can even stay out after Christmas in their rooms.  I think they will add a nice touch to the presents.



  1. I like both versions that you made. there is something about a tree done in one color. I have grown to like it over the years. Although we always put up our most sentimental faves....ya know, the ones the kids made in kindergarten and the ones that were given to them by friends and grandparents.

  2. Those are very pretty. I like the simplicity of them.

  3. I found your blog via Low Tide High Style blog and am totally charmed. I've visited and "favorited" your Etsy store, too. I look forward to your blog posts.


  4. I LOVE the hanging hearts and the tags, they are so pretty - of course i have now ordered them! And the "Noel" Bunting which i have seen myself personally (fortunately!) - they are REALLY really nice - I look forward to having them up in my home for Xmas! Sam keep doing all your clever stuff - you never fail to amaze me with your talent @ crafting!!

  5. Hi thanks for dropping by loving your home...have fun if you decide to add panelling over your fireplace...must finish the lounge first but cant wait to start on another room...wainscot panelling gets my vote for effect!
    Suz x

  6. Hi Sam!

    Your blog is is your Etsy shop! I am swooning over your stockings. You may be sending them to my home soon!:)

    Have a blessed week!

  7. I almost forgot.... I am your latest follower! Lucky me!;)))

  8. I have just found your blog and love it. I am currently obsessing over the clay tags after seeing Sarah at a beach cottage make some. Can you please tell me what sort of clay you use and where do you get it.
    I am looking forward to coming back and having a good browse through the rest of the blog.(I am currently trying to make french postcard cushions and stumbled upon your blog while going back to Rubies place for more instructions.)

  9. Very much like Ness' tags from Marley and Lockyer blog who has been selling them for quite a few years. A bit too close actually! Like the stockings you have though.

  10. My first anonymous comment - I've seen them on others blogs before and now I have my own. I love how some people don't have the courage to identify themselves with these comments. Incidentally a little note to anonymous comment leavers - your geographical location can be identified from the IP address you inadvertently leave in your comments so even if we don't know who we are we know where you were when you left the comment! Something to think about!

    Anyway to 'Jane' (or should I say ***) - I'm obviously being accused of copying here which is frankly a load of rubbish. The only similarities here are the use of clay! If that's the connection then yes, you've got me!! Ness herself was recently accused of copying the very same tags you are referring to from someone else and was up in arms about this.

    1. mine are Christmas decorations and not gift tags
    2. mine are bright white clay - Ness uses off white clay
    3. mine are sanded smooth to within a inch of their lives - Ness's are textured with fabric pressed into them
    4. mine have letters stamped into the clay - Ness stamps coloured images onto clay
    5. The shapes are different - since getting this comment I've been on Ness's etsy shop and gone right back over every sale and not one of my items looks anything like hers.

    Need I go on?!

    How many of us are making fake grain sacks, fabric hearts, wooden signs ... these days? We are all influencing, and being influenced by, others.

    So basically, what 'Jane' is saying above is that no-one else can making anything out of wood, clay, fabric, by using freezer paper or burlap or you can be accused of copying me (or of course one of the millions of other people who also use these items!!).

    Thanks 'Jane' for your comment on my stockings though - glad you like them - have you found out who I copied them from yet? No-one actually but there are a million other etsy sellers selling burlap stockings so you might want to pick one!

  11. Hi Sam,
    Seeing that I am the Ness in question I would like to verify that I had no idea it was you sweetie that the emailer (also annonymous to me!) had mentioned. All I had was some images and some words about someone is copying you again on Etsy and they read your blog. If I had of know it was you I would have emailed you personally. I was a little annoyed about it, but like you say it is hard to work with xmas stuff. Stars, hearts, joy, noel etc limits it really. Sam has had people copy her covers before so knows how I intially felt.
    Can I say that Sam and I have emailed each other about this 'issue' and I am now fine with it all.
    Yes Sam you are right about the burlap thing and the wood signs etc. There are so many others out there. I dont think there isnt one of us who hasnt tried making a faux grain sack etc.
    Anyway Sam. I love your items and think you are very talented. Lets put this shamozle behind us =0)Ness xx


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