Sunday, 5 September 2010

A little facelift (for my sofas)

I've been so consumed with crafting recently that my house has been neglected and looks like a bombsite a lot of the time.

After making a ton of pillows for other people I decided it was time to do some for me.

The old pillows on our sofas were a mixed bag - a tapestry one from Laura Ashley that I had had for years and gone off a long time ago (so I sold those on ebay), some other damask ones and some cream linen ones which were made for us when we had the sofas recovered a few years ago.

I found some gorgeous cotton canvas recently which really looks like a cross between linen and grain sack and have made some cushions out of this to sell on etsy but went back and got a load more of this fabric on Friday just for me.

I wanted grain sacks without the price, so using masking tape (tip - I have found that when painting stripes on fabric using masking tape is easier to position that freezer paper and works just as well) I taped off some lines for painting.

After dabbing lightly with a stencil brush I ripped off the tape and voila!

I wanted a large pillow down the middle of my big sofa rather than loads of smaller ones so bought a bolster pillow - this is really comfortable to sit on and my sofa is extra deep so there is still plenty of room for bottoms!

I used a 30cm x 60cm pillow for the smaller sofa but may get another bolster for here too - I'm going to live with it for a bit and then decide.

The only thing is I think I made the sofas too comfortable now - this is my husband this lunchtime!




  1. Sam your so clever I think its time I ordered some cushions from you I love everything you do. Sandy x

  2. It looks great and looks like a hit (by the look of the last pic)!

  3. Love that last photo, lol! Well home should be a comfy and relaxing place. Beautiful job on the pillows. :)

  4. the pillow came out great and you know it's comfortable courtesy of the last pic. : )

  5. Hehe I love the photo of your hubby fast asleep! And your new cushions are so very pretty, I'm glad you finally made a few just for yourself!

    Kat :)

  6. Cushions are on my agenda too Sam, your faux grain sack one looks gorgeous! Have a great week! Christine xx

  7. Oh yes I need new cushions too ! (never have enough in a house..)

    Love the last pic ;)

  8. I am going to try this, too!! Thanks for the tip on using masking tape. I also wanted to thank you, again, for picking me as the winner of your giveaway! I bought something wonderful from CSN Stores and will post about it soon on my blog:).



  9. {{LOVE}} the photo at the end. I started cracking up and showed my husband. He said, " see how wives are. Take embarrassing pictures and post it for the world to see." Apparently he's seen my blog! lol!


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