Saturday, 18 September 2010

Brightening up a little corner

I've been off work with my son most of this week and as his activity has been limited he has been watching a lot of TV.  I'm sorry but there is only so much of The Suite Life or Hannah Montana that I can take so I ended up removing everything from my shelves and worktops in the kitchen and moving things around, getting rid of character cups my kids no longer use (actually they've been put in the shed for me to mix paint up in as I tend to use anything for this purpose) and having a general sort out.  My kitchen now looks clean and fresh and it almost feels like a new kitchen - I'll post a few photo's soon.

Anyway, last night my daughter was at a Camp Rock 2 slumber party and my son had gone to his best friends (his first time out since his operation) and my husband was watching fishing on TV (big yawn!) so I got to playing with a little spot in my kids little lounge that I hate and never know what to do with.

It's just to the side of the doorway and I usually have a magazine rack there that my husband made me so I moved that into my study area.  Also on this wall is a small hole where we had to put cable through to be able to use the computer in this room and I've never found anything to cover this hole which really bugs me.

My husband often hoards pieces of wood we may one day find some use for around the side of the house and a while ago I came across this old door.  It was from a little wooden playhouse we had bought second hand for my daughter but it was always really hot in there and full of spiders so she hardly used it.  My husband dismantled it and got rid of most of the wood, a lot of which was rotten, but kept the door.  I have been using it, propped up against my fence, to hang some things I've been making to sell and taking photo's of them hanging on this door as I like the shabbiness of the wood.

'Re-styling' my kitchen spurred me on to have a little go at this area so I propped the door up against the wall with the hole!  Moved my little table to this side of the room - it was opposite on the other side of the sofa.  Added a favourite basket which gets moved from room to room as it quite often gets in the way and added a blanket - the nights are getting colder so I always keep a few throws to hand to cwtch up under in the winter.

I did try a twig heart on the door but it was too much brown/cream in one space so I hung a little heart made from one of my favourite Cabbages and Roses fabrics, Hatley.

On the table is a lamp I've had for years (I actually have two of these), a little heart shaped bowl I bought in France a few years ago and some printers blocks with a J on for our surname which I bought about 15 years ago when we lived in London. 

No doubt this room will continue to evolve until I find a look I'm totally happy with but that is likely to involve changing the sofa and having a TV unit made (or having a go at this myself) and getting a new TV ...

For now I'm happy with the fresh look this little change has given this small space and besides the fact that it cost me nothing the best part is the hole in the wall is gone!


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  1. I love a little re-organising, what a cute little corner! That heart dish is gorgeous too :D

  2. LOVE the door! It caught my eye right away. Simply gorgeous backdrop for any given area. I love how it just adds texture rather than weight in this case. I may have to steal your idea. :)


  3. It's a very cute corner~I love the door and the old hardware.

  4. The door is beautiful! Such a cozy little corner you have created!
    Any luck with your hubby? I hope he likes the inspiration photo's. Keep me updated!

  5. love it--all of it. i just changed-out my foyer area too--from stuff i already owned. it feels great, don't you think?

  6. The door is a great touch! So shabby and rusty, love it.

  7. So envious of your style! :) Love the rustic/iron feeling!! :)

  8. OooOOh~ I love the door, the basket & the table! Great styling! Thanks for the comment on my bargain (table) of the weekend!
    Hugs :) Lara


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