Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Brave Soldier and the Drama Queen

This is my baby boy.
He is 12 and a half and the happiest, most easy going kid ever (he takes after his father - his sister, bless her heart, takes after her mother and is a drama queen in training).
Less than 24 hours ago Seth had surgery.

This is him now, 24 hours after having an operation to repair a hernia.

For the last few weeks I have barely slept, kept nurofen and paracetamol sales sky rocketing and for some reason have been buying more toilet paper than normal.

I have been so worried and anxious about Seth's operation that I've been neurotic.  I like to fool myself that all mothers who love their kids are neurotic (believe me, in my job I see a ton of kids whose parents aren't interested in them at all).  In reality I know I'm just a nut job who worries too much!

I have an extremely overactive imagination and a sometimes unbearable amount of love for my children (I am actually tearing up with relief just writing this).  These two things turn me into a drama queen.  The anaesthetist commented on how relaxed I looked yesterday - he quickly added that he was being sarcastic and took me outside the room for a chat to reassure me.

Anyway, my brave boy went off to theatre (with his father, of course) completely calm and relaxed and after all my nonsense the operation went without a hitch.

Seth was overjoyed at his brave boy presents - a load of chocolate, The Spy Next Door DVD, WWE armbands, an i-phone (which he has wanted for ages but I refused point blankly!) and the best present of all - a really cool scar!

Sorry for the really gross picture but he is very proud of this.  When the nurse took his dressing off this morning he asked her to give him a minute before she put a new one on so he could take a photo to text to all his friends in school - sick!


By the way I know an i-phone is quite extravagant for such a young child but surgery is such a horrible thing for a child to go through and I'm so proud of how brave he has been (plus I got a good deal).  I also know that he will really look after it.  He was the last of his friends to get a phone and I only agreed to it then as a lot of his friends live in the next village and I never used to let him go and see them.  My husband told me to stop over protecting him so I let him go and got him a phone so that I would always know where he was.  Since then his phone has been looked after and is always fully charged - all of his friends have broken several (one is on his 5th phone!) by dropping them on the ground or down the loo, leaving them in trousers and them ending up in the washing machine...  Seth's is as immaculate now as it was the day he had it.

To be honest I'm so glad his ordeal is over that I'd have bought him anything!

See - I told you I was a Drama Queen!



  1. I'm right there with you on being neurotic and overprotective so you're not alone...and mine are almost 23 and 18!!

    And I think that it's good to teach kids responsibility and ownership of things. It is when people substitute expensive gifts for love and affection that I have a problem. We as adults reward ourselves for our hard work and accomplishments...why shouldn't children learn the same responsible ways of living? I'm sure that by him getting an Iphone he won't suddenly become some crazed materialistic child like so many people think they will. Instead he'll understand that through hard work, he will be able to help not only people in need, but also himself and what's wrong with that?

    Ok, I'll get off my parenting soapbox now! ;-)

    Kat :)

  2. What a tough guy!

    You aren't alone~I worry about my children incessantly, and they're all ok!

    We gave in and got our youngest two phones two years ago. It's just easier if they can call us for a ride instead of us trying to guess when they'll need one after school.

  3. Hi Sam, so glad to hear the operation went well! And I too can completely relate to how you were feeling! I too confess to being an over-imaginative, over-protective mother. Even on 'fun' days like the sports carnival I always have a bad case of butterflies in my stomach! Goodness knows how I'm going to get through their teenage years. Anyway, great news for Seth and that is one very cool scar!!!

    Christine xx

  4. I am so glad for you that everything went fine for your son's surgery. I hope he is feeling up to himself soon.

  5. Oh, I am right there with you, you should see me when our little one gets a bump on her head! So happy to hear everything went well.
    Thanks for stopping by, loving your blog,your home is beautiful

  6. Poor Seth, glad to hear the operation went well and that you got through the ordeal too. I have become somewhat of a worry wart since becoming a mum too :)


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