Saturday, 7 August 2010

White linen everywhere

The crazy eyed guy in the photo below is my 6ft 3 baby brother - the gorgeous girl is my sister and the fat lump is me!

My brother has a really cool job as a yachtsman sailing rich people all over the mediterranean but sometimes the far east or the carribean - SO jealous

Anyway earlier this year he phoned me from Goa stating that he was in a market and there were loads of silks for sale and would I like some.  I have to say I'm not really a silk person so I said no.  Then, a couple of weeks later he phoned me from Cairo and said that he had a guide who could show him where to get linen - I jumped at this.  A few weeks later two huge boxes arrived - I was expecting a few metres of linen but he had sent me 50 metres of white linen, 25 metres of Egyptian cotton and 25 metres of some strange fabric which I won't be using!  I was so excited. 

The amount of fabric was overwhelming and it has been sitting in my guest bedroom closet waiting for me to decide what to do with it.  While I am off work my plan is to make some simple white linen panels for my guest bedroom as at the moment there are no curtains (drapes) there.  Well there are but they are extremely long Ikea curtains which my sister lent me which are simply folded over the pole and tied at the bottom!

In the meantime I decided to make a pilow out of it as the linen is so soft and drapey - it's gorgeous.  I've never attempted a ruffle around the edge of a pillow before and I found it really fiddly and difficult but it ended up looking ok.

This one is for sale here and I now can't wait to use up all this lovely linen. 
I'm going to have a go at making table runners this weekend as the linen is so soft it would really drape nicely over the edge of a table.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I was reading your blog and the French Market pillow in your Etsy shop just sucked me right in...sorry about that, but then I went back to read your great post, and now I am off to buy that pillow from you;)Tahdah! Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. Wow, your brother has a great job! And gee, you get some perks too - how amaing - I'd have had to say yes to the silk too!
    Your cushion looks so succesful, really very pretty!

  3. what a sweet brother....he totally spoiled you with that box. Love the pillow.
    I too am toying with the idea of making or buying some linen curtains for our bedroom. I need to get the bedding figured out first. have fun playing around with the linen.

  4. aw.. It's a beautiful pillow! Arent' you lucky to have a brother looking out for your crafty stash? :)

    Still looking for some blue jars for you... Don't think I've forgotten! ;)


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