Monday, 16 August 2010

Painted photo frame

I can't seem to go for more than a couple of days without a project.

I recently bought a couple of photoframes to put on the beadboard wall behind my desk.  They were really shabby and a lovely shade of grey which was almost turquoise.  When I tried them in place yesterday they didn't look right so I had to rummage around to see if I could come up with something else.  I found a creamy distressed frame I had bought in TKMaxx a few months ago.  I hadn't known where I would put it but liked the shape of the frame plus it was made from reclaimed wood so had a nice rough look to it.

It was a pale creamy colour and I wanted it quite a turqoisey aqua colour so mixed up several shades of blue, green, grey and white.  I had to paint it three times remixing the paint each time until I got a colour I liked.  I sanded between coats and after the final coat sanded loads of the paint right off so it looks quite distressed.  I then covered it in a dark oak wax which I rubbed into the exposed area's of the wood and then rubbed it all off polishing the whole frame at the same time.

For some reason in these photos the shade is wrong - it looks quite blue in the photos but in real life is actually very green/turqoise/aqua.  I've got very poor natural light in my study area so that must be it.

A pretty white hydrangea from my garden sitting in a Bonne Maman jam jar we brought back from France pretties it up even more.

I absolutely love how it turned out and how it's brought some much needed gorgeous colour to my otherwise white/off white study area.

And I turned a picture of my babies (both smiling at the same time which is a rareity) into sepia and printed it off to go in the frame. 

My study area is now a much nicer place to be.  This is probably a bad idea as I spend way too much time trawling through blogs as it is!



  1. love the vignette in your little study area. It does look blue and maybe even black on my screen from here, but that's okay. It looks great in your study area.

  2. The frame looks great! It really suits the distressed look, and that very cute sepia picture is perfect in it!
    Flick x

  3. Very cute! Im doing a stair way with mismatched photos, that would fit in lovely!

  4. Love how you've decorated the frame - that nook on your desk looks so lovely especially with the pretty hydrangea and gorgeous pic of your two kiddos :)


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