Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Look what came in the post today - Vintage Grain Sacks

I have been longing for some grain sacks for ages but they are so expensive (in the UK anyway) so I've been putting off buying some - until now.

A UK supplier sent me photo's of a load she was bringing back from Hungary that week so I went for it and ordered some and they arrived today.

They are absolutely gorgeous - you can really see the age and character in them.

I can't wait to make some pillows out of them.  I'm going to sew every inch by hand as I prefer to sew by hand and feel that the stitches are stronger than by machine.

I am, as we speak (type), re-organising my craft cupboards to accommodate them so they have a lovely place to sit and wait to be used.

Is it nuts to be in love with a piece of fabric?  Am I alone?
I doubt it!



  1. Oh those are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make. I wish I had half your talent!!

  2. beautiful grain sacks. You are so very lucky to have acquired some to make some pillows with....and no, it's not nuts to be in love with fabric. I know, cause I have bins and bins of it in my craft closet.
    Looking forward to seeing your new pillows.

  3. I just discoved your blog and love it. Would love for you to visit My Dream Canvas. I am hosting a jewelry giveaway so do drop by!

  4. Lovely! You are a sewing 'machine' at the moment, aren't you!

  5. OH they are FABULOUS! YOU are a lucky lady..I can't wait to see what you do! ;-) ...new follower!

  6. I love them too! They are going to make lovely pillows. Love the photos of your home on the side bar. Beautiful!! Thanks for always leaving comments over at my place. I really appreciate it!


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