Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hand stamped ribbon

I'm off for the next two weeks with the children and we are lucky enough to live right next to a forest so if the weather is good they like nothing more than to play with the neighbouring kids.  This means that I can get on with some crafting without feeling any guilt at not taking them anywhere.

I am really trying to knuckle down and make as much stock for my Christmas parties as possible so that I'm not rushing around last minute.  I've also mentioned before that as well as some of my favourites which sell year after year - such as painted wooden hearts with a child's name painted on it (as people keep having children I get to keep making these hearts!) - I try to come up with new things every year.

Not everything I make is to my taste but I do know what will sell so sometimes make things just because I know they will sell (and to use up supplies).

I tend to stock pile supplies and a while ago I found some bobbins/cotton reels which were too cheap to pass up.  I knew they would come in handy.  I gave them three coats of white paint and originally had the idea of mod podging some Christmas paper to them but this didn't look right.  I then saw some lovely white ribbon with red stars on it online and I thought this would look lovely as I could make decorations to look like old ribbon bobbins.  However, the ribbon was £4.00 for three metres and £6.95 postage.  Not on your nelly, I thought!  So I decided to have a go at making my own.

I bought two packs of cotton binding tape at £1.15 per pack...

...then I drew a star shape on the end of one of my daughter's many pencils which have a rubber/eraser on the end.  I cut around the star with a craft knife and used it to stamp stars along the cotton tape.

It doesn't look as nice as the one I wanted to buy but at a fraction of the cost it does the job I wanted.

I know this is a really basis and easy craft idea but I thought I would share it in case, by any chance, there are any others out there who have never thought of doing this.  Tip: I tried both fabric paint and craft ink and the ink works best as the paint gives more of an outline of a star.

Here we go - two dozen ribbony bobbiny things - like I said, nothing fancy but I only plan on selling them for a pound each so am sure they will sell fairly quickly.



  1. These are really cute! I like how you made a stamp with the end of a pencil. I think these will definitely sell well. Thanks for comment this morning about my entryway - it's funny I was thinking about making my own 'welcome' sign and you were the person who actually came to mind :) I was thinking of trying your freezer paper method. Is that what you would suggest? x

  2. Amanda - you only need to use freezer paper with fabric. For painting on wood I use a laminator pouch. If you open it up the inside is slightly rough and not slippery so doesn't move about on wood. I type out my word in my chosen font then lay the open laminator pouch down over the top and then cut through both to cut out the letters. Then I put the pouch bit on top of the wood and dry brush. Take your time and wipe off most of the paint to avoid bleeding around the edges of the letters.
    Any more tips just let me know - good luck!

  3. Love it!!!
    I also enjoy using the wax when painting, I guess there is no right or wrong way, just however it works :)
    Enjoy your day :)

  4. Your bobbiny thingies are most unusual. I have never seen anything like it...and I think they will sell well. It's nice to make what people are looking for, but I like that you are doing new things too. Who knows, it could me all the rage and lotsa people will want 'em.

  5. Adorable! I love stamps and have way too many...


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