Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Easy peasy Danish number tags

Yesterday I gave my craft supplies cupboard a good sorting and clearing out - I wish this was a 'once in a blue moon' kind of project but for me it seems to be something I have to do quite regularly.  My shelves are overflowing and even though my clear boxes are all labelled sometimes it's easier to pop something anywhere and put it away later (or not!).

Anyway in this cupboard are also catalogues from companies whose products I either sold in my old shop or who I intended to buy from when funds allowed.  These got a good clearing out too as I intend to keep my business as Etsy and Christmas house party based so won't be buying from a lot of them.  I kept one or two for inspiration and particulary one from a Danish company who I never got round to ordering from - I had a few French and Belgian suppliers but overseas minimum orders tend to be pretty high so I could only order from one or two at a time.

The catalogue was 3 years old now but they had such lovely things. 
I came across this picture of number tags and although I would love the original (probably enamelled) version thought I could probably make a similar card version of these myself.

I printed out numbers from my computer in a font I liked then drew a line around the edges with a template I had made out of laminated plastic and then made a second template which was slightly larger and used an embossing tool to mark around the edges.  I then cut the cards out and just brushed the edges with a dark brown ink pad.

I think they look quite similar to the originals and for next to nothing in terms of cost am quite pleased with them.

You could play around with fonts and colours and use craft papers with patterns on etc.  A very quick and simple project.



  1. Dear Sam,
    just found you and love it...what a great idea with these numbers !!! Love your old grainsacs, too...they are difficult to get here, sometimes on the fleamarket...I´ll follow you from now on...
    best wishes from germany,

  2. Morning! Well, it's morning right now where I live.
    Your tags look great. They look exactly the same as the ones in the catalogue.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I wanted to let everyone that I "follow"; don't forget to come over and enter my giveaway! Today's the last day :D

  4. I love them!! I might have to try my hand at those, they are lovely!

  5. love the jar with the twine in it- twinw lover myself-
    great blog...



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