Sunday, 29 August 2010

Christmas stockings

I've been making a ton of stockings lately.

Once I start something I find it hard to switch off and my mind is then racing to try and come up with different but complimentary designs.

Often as fast as I can make things to list on etsy friends or family see them and buy them off me (my Mum bought the Noel one off me today so I'm having to make another tonight!)

I'm going to make some traditional shaped ones but for now I'm loving these long skinny ones as they are very French or Scandinavian in style.   I know it's a matter of taste though - my husband doesn't like these very much - he's obviously more of a traditionalist than I am.

These are all for sale on Etsy right now.

On the subject of Scandinavia it looks like I may be taking my daughter to Lapland to see the 'real' Father Christmas this year.  I took my son when he was younger and it was amazing.  I've wanted to take Lily for the last couple of years but none of her friends wanted to go and it's such a magical day I wanted her to enjoy it with a friend rather that just me.  One of her friends has now decided that she does want to go so we may be flying up to Northern Finland for the day in December!
Watch this space!



  1. p.s.- Love my pillow! It arrived across the ocean the other day!!! ;)yay! You do awesome work. I've been to Sweden, but never high up to Lapland. That must be an experience ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. Your stockings are gorgeous Sam. I love them but my hubby is traditionalist as well and prefers the wide red ones with white one top! I still have some time to talk him around. xx

  3. Oh I really like these...super my you are organised...Christmas is going to creep up on us so quickly I know! Thanks for the well wishes sweety xo

  4. All the stockings are lovely, but my favorite is the NOEL one.
    Each time I see you post about these different things you are making for your party's to sell I keep getting reminded that Christmas is just around the corner. I have to figure out what I will be giving the grandparents, etc. this year. Thanks so much for all your inspiration.

  5. First of all I want to go to Finland!! And secondly, I absolutely LOVE these stockings, no wonder you can't keep them in stock! I guess, unlike your husband, I'm not traditionalist...who knew?! ;-)

    Kat :)

  6. Oh they're absolutely LOVELY!! I adore anything to do with Christmas, so i'm delighted that you've declared 'open season' so I can start planning! xx

  7. Those stockings are so FABULOUS! I know they will sell like HOTCAKES on ETSY! WAY TO GO! ...and thank you dear for your sweet comment on my blog space! I'm your newest follower

  8. I'm such a geek...I already follow you! DUH, Robyn! (smacking self on forehead!)

  9. Your stockings are so chic and adorable!

  10. Hi Sam, these stockings are GORGEOUS!! I hope you don't sell out too fast as I would love to order some soon! How amazing that you can go to Lapland for the day! That just blows me away:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Hugs ~ Tina x


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