Monday, 23 August 2010

Christmas In August

It seems a bit silly to be making Christmas decorations in August but that's what I've been up to recently.

I've listed these Scandinavian / French style stockings on etsy and plan on making a load of different ones as I have collected a ton of buttons and Christmas ribbons over the years - these look better kept simple with just a little embellishment, I think

Banners were always popular when I had my shop so a friend asked me to make the Noel one for her and I love the simple Swedish feel of the one below - that's the one that will be hanging in my house this year - but not in August!



  1. They're gorgeous..I'd love to use something similar this year..I'm already excited about Christmas! I go a bit crazy over it..Rachaelxx

  2. I LOVEEEE the stockings! I'm headed to your Etsy shop now!!

    xoxo, Meredith

  3. Your Etsy shop is full of gorgeous stuff Sam, I will have to get organised and do some Christmas Shopping, I love your banners they are lovely. xx

  4. Gorgeous!! LOVE that stocking...and anything Swedish! :)

  5. Loving the banners. Off to look at your etsy.


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