Thursday, 19 August 2010

Beautiful find - wooden laundry basket

Last night I found the most amazing thing and just had to buy it.
I was swooning when I brought it into the house and my husband was laughing at how childishly excited I could be over an object. 
Please!  Who couldn't fall in love with this:-

A beautiful wooden, linen lined laundry basket

I love the shades and textures of the wood.
I love the colour of the linen liner and the cute little linen ties to attach it to the basket.

I adore the shape on the handles on the side.

We eventually want to build a small extension to the back of our house to hold a tiny mudroom - enough for coats, shoes and dog bed - and a laundry room.

When that day comes this basket will have pride of place on the counter top to hold all my freshly dried items. 

Until then it's holding some cottong batting and my burlap fabric which I am working with at the moment.  Resting on the top is a sneak peek of my latest project - French number inspired burlap coasters - they are waiting for some linen bias tape to arrive to go around the edges - or should I use black to match the numbers?  Let me know what you think!

Oh - are you wondering where I got this fantastic find - a flea market (no - we don't have those in the UK unfortunately), an antique shop...?

...Home Sense actually (which is just TKMaxx for the home).
£12.99 with a smaller size available for £9.99.
I'm going back today for a big one for my sis and a small one for my Mum.

I may just get the small one too and make a label for it - "Single Sock Support Group"!



  1. I thought you had found it at an antique store...that would be TJMax here, it so neat!

    I'd go with the same color thread as the burlap for the glad I stopped by today!


  2. What a great basket! I wish we had them at our Home Goods (that's what it's called here in the US). I would go with black, personally =)

  3. great basket...and what a find for TJMAXX. I was just at our local one in the states and it was a mess in there. I didn't see anything i liked.
    As for the coasters, i would do black. Love contrast with the burlap.

  4. That is a really sweet basket! It seems like you can never have enough of them! ;)

    Found you two matching blue jars (ball mason)-- they're on the smaller size (pint maybe?) I am hoping to go to the flea markert to score a few more! :)

  5. I wonder if they have these in the US?


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