Saturday, 31 July 2010

... two by two...

For many years I made Noah's Ark animals and sold them at Christmas parties.  They are just the right size to hang on a tree or even a hook or door handle.  I always stick to just elephants, giraffes and camels.

When I opened the shop I struggled to keep up with making stuff (as I had a full-time job too) so stopped making these for a while.  I still took samples along to parties and made them to order but found this really hard going as they are very time consuming to make so for the last couple of years I haven't made many.

I also like to try and come up with new things to sell at my parties as even though new people come along every year I still have a lot of my old customes and I don't want them to be disappointed by seeing the same things year after year.

I've been making a lot of new things recently ready for my parties but came across a load of fabric I used to use to make these animals and some angels I also used to make by the shedload.

I decided to make a pile ready for Christmas and here is my first batch!  Other colours to follow and this year I think I may make some in ivory linen for the first time - see how they go!

Giraffes are my favourite animals but I love the elephants in this range - these are the most popular (and take the longest to make!)

Each elephant ear is attached with a 'kiss' of embroidery thread.

I wanted them to resemble vintage toys on wheels that used to be pulled along so they all have mismatched buttons on their feet (front and back).

And here is my first batch of 'newborns' ready to be put away until October when my parties start.  Hopefully by then I will have managed to make them some more friends before they go off to their new homes.

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  1. Oh geez, those are the cutest things! I tell ya... If I ever had another one, I would love to hang these in a nursery!

  2. They look very cute. You are very clever and patient! Good luck with your parties this year, I am sure you will sell them all!

  3. They're wonderful -you clever lady!

  4. These little guys are so very sweet, you are very clever.

  5. LOVE the elephants! You have some lovely creations Sam xx

  6. Just gorgeous Sam! You are a very talented girl!! xx

  7. How sweet are these? They look like vintage toys. You do such a nice job in putting them together. They would also make great decorative additions to a baby nursery...maybe done in linen, canvas drop cloth??? or even gingham. Love them.


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