Sunday, 11 July 2010

New French pillows

I haven't posted much lately as I've been trying to make a few things to list on my Etsy store

I am going to keep this pillow for myself but am going to make another one the same to list on Etsy.

I kept seeing stencils for Reves Doux online but didn't like any of the fonts to made my own (I know that sweet dreams in French is 'fais de beaux reves' - not sure if this is spelt right - but Reves doux does look so much nicer on a pillow!)

This has an envelope back and was made out of vintage german mangle cloth - it is so soft and drapey - I just love it!

This is made out of new off white linen which has been washed and preshrunk and is lovely and soft

I painted the 'grain sack' lines on using fabric paint (the lines don't look straight in the pic but they are) and then transfered the print on over the top.

It think it has a real vintage look about it.

I'll be listing these on Etsy later today and hopefully a couple more if I can drag myself away from the computer to make some. 


Don't forget you have about 6 more hours to enter my giveaway.




  1. Great new designs Sam! I love every one of your cushions and would happily buy them all if I could! xx

  2. Love them all!! Gorgeous! Christine xx

  3. Hi Sam, your work is absolutely gorgeous! Love them all, but my fave is the 'bonne nuit' cushion. Just fixed my blog list (again!)- for some reason, your lovely blog had disappeared from my list - and we can't have that! All ok now, so I won't miss another post. K xx


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