Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lily's Craft Bench

This old bench in the corner of our kitchen is where our children eat breakfast and the odd snack, where I have a cup of tea and chat with my husband while he cooks (yes, I know how lucky I am but he goes to work really early in the morning and is home way earlier than me plus I'm a terrible cook!) 
but mostly where Lily creates her works of art.

I've blogged about this bench before - I bought it on a day coach trip to London but had to leave it in the shop until I could figure out how to get it back to Wales - logistics never get in my way if I want something!

It was originally a lovely gray shade but it didn't go with my kitchen so I painted it in Farrow and Ball's White Tie oil eggshell to match my kitchen.  I left the inside the original colour (because I couldn't be bothered to paint the inside!).

It now holds Lily's craft supplies - colouring books to the left, pencils in the big blue box and tape/scissors etc in the small blue box, notepads to the front and paper and stickers on the right side.

She crafts every single day so it's not always this tidy!

My lovely old French cafe table is covered in felt pen at the moment - one of the hazards of having creative children! 

On the bead board wall opposite the bench hang my children's masterpieces such as this lovely family portrait.

By the way my husband doesn't have a flat top!

and this poster that she made so that my husband would remember to stop cooking her fish.  Yes, that is a picture of her throwing up!  Nice!


Funny story - a  couple of weeks ago my husband went fishing and came home proud as punch as he caught three quite big sea bass - he gave two away and cooked one in the oven for lunch.  Lily refused to eat it so had lunch with her friend who lives across the road - she much preferred what Hannah had and ate it all - yep, fish fingers!!

The basket below the bech holds her favourite pictures and creations ready for Mummy to edit (and keep for posterity) when it gets full.  The others get filed under B for bin!



  1. Adorable! :) i LOVE LOVE LOVE the fish picture. Seriously, its genious! haha.

    I think that Lily's craft bench needs to become Jana's fun bench. What do you think? ;) Are you coming to visit soon?! :P

  2. What a gorgeous corner in your home :)
    Isn't kids art so sweet!

  3. Adore your bench..Your daughter is artistic and hilarious..Love it..

  4. Love your bench! Love Lily's family portrait and her fish poster made me laugh :)

  5. mmm - and I love the little cushion with the great stripes on top too! Isn't great to work in storage and beauty? nice find!



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