Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I am SO in love...

...with my new aqua blue Ball Mason jar

I've been seeing these a lot on blogs and love their simplicity and moreover their colour

I have never seen one of these in the UK so resorted to buying one from the States on ebay and it arrived today

I was like a child at Christmas - it's just as beautiful as I thought it would be

I've warned my husband and children not to go near it - my idiot husband keeps pretending to drop it - if he does I'll be doing a post on divorce!

From America to Wales - what a well travelled Mason jar - I hope it likes it's new home!



  1. It is lovely! I love the look of the blue and they are hard to come by in my neck of the woods!

  2. you don't have them there? really? They are everywhere: Where I live. It's kind of funny : some people still use them to can with. Strange.

  3. Aw.. I didn't know you like the blue jars so much! I have a ba-gillion here for wicked cheap, let me know if you would like to add to your collection, I would love to repay the favor of that give-a-way I won last Christmas!
    Please email me anytime if you would like a few- I only collect the clear ones, so I always pass up a ton of the blue ones...

  4. I just love it too! I say some on etsy yesterday but the postage was waaayyy too much for me to get them. You have inspired me to keep a look out for some now. The hydrangea in yours looks perfect!

  5. I love ball jars. Have you seen the Canadain Crown jars with a gorgeous crown on the front. They changed the crowns over the years and I have become obsessed with finding all the variations.

    Your jar looks gorgeous.

  6. SO pretty, keep those cheeky family members a safe distance away from your new baby!
    Flick x

  7. Hi Sam, thanks so much for popping by my blog and leaving a sweet, supportive message. I really appreciate it! Yes, it will be weird having a frozen Botoxed forehead but maybe my frown lines will finally go away!!

    I love the new jar - what a lovely tranquil colour.

    Thanks for sharing! You have a lovely blog and so nice to meet someone from Wales. About half of my family history originates in Wales.

    xo Terri

  8. It's gorgeous Sam - what a great find and so glad it arrived safely in the post :)


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