Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A walk in the woods

The children are off school this week for half term and I've taken a couple of days off work to go out and about with them but on Monday we decided to go for a long walk in the woods right next to my house with my sister and her family.

There are two houses between my house and this gate which goes into the forest around my home.  Our home is part of a development which was built in the middle of a forest.  The idea was to build an entire 'village' with a pub (which was never built much to my husband's disappointment!), a village shop, a village hall, a village green, a duck pond and even a village clock!  The development was comprised of 8 hamlets each with a different style of home - my home is built out of cotswold stone - others are brick, render, mock tudor etc. 
There are various routes you can take in the forest and the longest one completely encircles the village ending up by a river - this is my favourite walk.
You don't cross any roads and only see cars at a car park at the end near the river.

lovely views

Seth and my niece, Kitty.

My kids, my nephew and a couple of neighbours


My sis, Ned, Kitty and Fred (her dog) exploring the water

Lily concentrating on not falling in!

Fred loves the water - it's hard to get him out..

..on the other hand Woody (my dog) is petrified of going out of his depth and constantly runs to Mummy in a panic!

The village pond on the way back home

the village babies!

My poor baby boy had a slip in a small pond en route to the river and was so proud of his war wound he made me take a (10) photo(s)!

He insisted I show one to you all - sorry if you're squeamish!



  1. Wow it's gorgeous!!! With the pub it would have been just perfect! Ha!

  2. What a pretty spot - you are so lucky to live nearby. I bet my Molly would entice Woody into the water with her :)
    Please tell your son I am very impressed with his wound!

  3. What a beautiful walk Sam! How lucky are you to have that so close by? The little pub would've just been perfect! It reminds me of the scenery we see on Midsommer Murders (hubby and I are big fans). xx

  4. Ha ha, boys - they wear their wounds like a badge of honour! Heavenly scenery though..Rachaelxx


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