Thursday, 3 June 2010

A new look

When my son was 6 he decided he wanted to grow his hair long.  Seth has quite curly hair and initially I hated it and forced him to get it cut as for a while he looked like he was wearing a hat!  The following year we persevered and got past the 'hair hat' look.  He has looked like this ever since.

Seth at the hairdressers a few hours ago
He was booked in today for a trim.  Just an inch or so off before we go on holiday.  For a couple of months he has been saying he wants to have it all cut off and I've been dead against it as I felt he wouldn't look like him and I would be too upset.

The hairdresser started by cutting an inch off then he and Seth ganged up on me and I got talked into letting him have it all cut off.

Here is my new look son:

Can't wait to invite his friends up to look!

I couldn't get a nice photo but actually I'm really pleased with it - you can see his lovely eyes and it will be a lot nicer for him over the summer and when we are in France.

And I didn't even cry!!



  1. Samantha...what a handsome little man you the new hair cut..super cute!

  2. Seth's new haircut looks great! I like it both long and short, you have a very good looking young man! Have a great weekend Sam! xx

  3. What a difference! I agree, the new haircut brings out his eyes which are amazing I might add.

  4. I think your son looks very handsome, the hair cut looks great.
    Thanks for leaving a lovley comment on my blog, I always enjoy visiting your blog.
    Donna xx

  5. He looks adorable, and so much older. His blue eyes will have the gals chasing after him! hehehe

  6. How adorable he is!! Great hair cut to show off is baby cute!! ~ Jo :)

  7. Well done Seth & Sam for being so brave his hair looks great. Won't know himself in summer and in the shower no doubt as there is not as much hair to wash now. Looks like he is taking into the remote control whilst you took the photo. Have a great weekend. Sandy x

  8. Oh I love it, he looks so handsome! And you're right it will be so much cooler!

    Kat :)

  9. Sam, your son looks so sweet! I love his new haircut! ~ Tina x

  10. .....TOTALLY GOBSMACKED!!! xxx...Sandra !!! x


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