Thursday, 6 May 2010

You're all confusing me!

I've always been quite confident in my taste in interiors.  I never really follow popular UK trends as they tend to change a lot (I know people who have decorated their house in one style only for it to go out of fashion and then change the look completely).  I get my inspiration more from French, Scandinavian and American homes.  I love old furniture especially if it's been painted and the paint is a bit worn or chippy.  I love simple natural fabrics in either a neutral colour or a faded floral or stripe.  Wooden floors.  Wall panelling.  Neutral colours.  Leather.  Chippy paint.  No fuss.....

I love this room below:

photo: Atlanta Bartlett

I'm torn though as on the other hand I love the clean simple lines of everything sold by Pottery Barn.  I think their furniture does mix well with old chippy items as the Pottery Barn look is very simple and looks almost built in which then tends to give the older battered pieces centre stage.

I've always had my inspiration from American Interiors Magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Coastal Living, Country Home and Country Living but lately haven't been getting my proper dosage of these.  Country Home is no more and other than Country Living the others aren't sold anywhere near me anymore since Border's bookstores closed down.  I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms.
Instead I am getting all my inspiration from my fellow bloggers.  But you confuse me - I find I'm loving homes full of old stuff with all sorts of things hanging on walls but at the same time loving homes with simple, uncluttered PB style.  I'm thrown as you all make me end up wanting to change things around in my own home.  I also end up doubting myself a lot - for example should I carry on with my never ending project of my PB inspired notice board or should I find a vintage frame and make a shabby chic burlap memo board instead?

Another thing which has thrown me into turmoil is that I've always gone for cream walls.  However, it seems that my favourite rooms tend to have white walls.  Why is this?  Am I a white walls person or a cream walls person?  Do I repaint all my walls?  Oh my word - what are you all doing to me?...............

If someone could transplant me into one of the following homes my decorating dilema's would be forgotten:

photo: Cabbages and Roses

photo: source unknown

photo: Tricia Foley

photo: Marley and Lockyer

photo: The Lettered Cottage

Aren't they all just gorgeous?



  1. I'm with you on the confusing bit! I started out in one direction, which I thought was more Pottery Barn - now I don't really know what I am doing. Am I beachy, cottage, upscale traditional, 50's kitcsh? I'm really not sure anymore!! Anyways you are partly to blame for my confusion because after looking at your photos I want to paint my whole house white or cream! Love your blog - you have fantastic style - i would say keep on doing what you're doing it looks amazing!

  2. I too understand where you are coming from. After being married 20 years and having american country as our style I am finding myself leaning to the clean lines of pottery barn, but the lightness of cottage style. I have learned that the idea of cream or white walls is wonderful. It allows you to change out your accessories. This is a cheap way to add pops of color. I would much rather change out my accessories than paint.
    Just posted a mini home tour at my blog. Stop by for a visit.

  3. I hear you! From those pictures I think you're a white wall, slip cover, shabby furniture, lovely floorboard kinda girl!! And like me...probably not a minimalist!

  4. I know what you mean. I keep wanting to decorate with vintage character pieces and then I think I need something really contempoaray to mix it up a bit. I have been looking at 1950's houses on the internet and love the clean lines, but then I love the space in our 1920 home. It really does get confusing. Keep it simple, white walls, timeless feel or go crazy with floral wallpaper and bright colours. Hmmm...what's a blogging girl to do??

  5. I think your style is gorgeous as it is Sam. You have one of the most gorgeous homes I have seen. But I do know what you mean! I have cream walls (didn't realise they were cream until I started taking pics for my blog!! I thought they were chalk white)...I am the same I seem to like the same rooms as you:) Good luck with your decisions and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  6. Welcome to my world Sam...while this world of blogging is so fabulous it does tend to put you into a full head~spin. So much inspiration and beauty out there.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi there, just wanted to pop in and say how, umm... (what is the word)... thrilled I was to find your blog? We live in Canada currently, but there is a very real possibility we will move to the UK in the future (British passport, heritage). Anyhoo... I was very excited to find your blog because from what I have seen, a lot of the English interiors are not to my liking -- UNTIL I found your blog! Yay! So, to make a long story short, you have given me the impression that I can carve out the interiors that I love if we do move to the UK -- no swirly carpets and too-short curtains necessary. I love your home, it's gorgeous. I can only imagine the weatlh of beautiful things you can repurpose -- all those car-boot sales. I also have ties to Wales, so am especially excited to read a blog from that country!


  8. Sorry -- didn't mean to lump yourself in with "English interiors" I recognize that Wales is not England! Got a Welsh grandfather, so I know better. I think you knew what I meant, though!


  9. I love all those images you've posted. I love your gorgeous home and the way you've decorated it so whatever you're doing, keep doing it. I think it's ok to like bits and pieces of different styles. I find that I'm a bit like that - I like clean, simple lines but don't like anything too sleek and modern and I like to add a bit of warmth and character with older/vintage items. I find all the inspiration out there on the Internet and in blogs a bit overwhelming at times, there's just so much I want to try out in my own house!! :)


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