Monday, 3 May 2010

Lily's Garden

Lily and I had to go out this afternoon to buy her new shoes so we decided to stop off at the Garden Centre so she could choose some flowers to plant in the old crate I bought last week.  She chose lavender as she liked the smell on her hand when she touched it. 

I think that when it flowers it will look lovely against the colour of the crate.

She wrote 'Lily's Garden' on the little heart blackboard stake which I also bought last weekend.

No doubt, being that we live in wet'n'windy Wales, this sign is going to have to be re-written and re-written probably daily!

We also planted some sunflower seeds but I didn't take a photo of these yet as it would just be a photo of a tub of mud!

She was so thrilled to plant these and did most of the work herself.  I hope the dog doesn't eat them or pee on them and ruin all her hard work!

Fingers crossed!



  1. I love that your daughter picked lavender because she liked the smell of it on her hand, too cute! And I'm sure it will be lovely when it blooms. That heart shaped chalkboard marker is perfect!

    Kat :)

  2. So sweet!!!
    I love lavendar too and just planted some in my yard!!!

  3. Lily's lavender garden is gorgeous Sam! I love that she wrote 'Lily's garden' on the little heart stake:)~ Tina x

  4. Its so lovely for children to have their own patch of garden. I have been a naughty mum and havent done that for my youngest girl yet. Thanks for reminding me! Mind you coming into winter theres not much I can plant up here hmmm...

  5. Popped on over from Twig- what a lovely package you sent!! I can't wait to come visit again. My parents have been traveling to Wales for years now- usually twice a year, but lately only once a year. They have tons of pony friends there. Please stop by my blog and visit!

  6. What a great idea the crates are! I will now be on the lookout for some for my kids to use. The more aged and weathered ones contrast nicely with the fresh green of the plants and eventually, the flowers! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog about our dear Sasha. I will pop over and visit again, soon! xx P&H

  7. Love the crates, gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by!
    Have a wonderful day!


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