Sunday, 25 April 2010

Weekend with friends

This weekend we went to stay with my friend, Else and her family.
Else has been one of my best friends since we were at school and has children the same age as mine.
She lived in France for years and both her children were born there - we are actually going to the same area they lived for our holiday this June.
They now live in Cheltenham in England which is about 2 and a half hours from here but it's a fantastic place to go looking for antiques, painted furniture or junk.

Else and I have really similar taste so she is great to go shopping with.  The first place she took me to was an antique centre in a barn.  Loads of different stall holders sell over a couple of floors in an old barn with a really quaint coffee shop in it.

One of the stalls was selling gorgeous painted French furniture at a really reasonable price.  There were a couple of pieces that could have made it home with me but I restrained myself - this time!

I did buy a couple of things at this barn.  One of the things was an old French crate which I have been on the lookout for as I want my children to plant sunflowers and pumpkins this year so had been looking for old crate to become their gardens (we have a really small garden and a golden retriever - whatever they plant is going to have to be contained!).  I love the bluey gray paint on the crate and the French writing.

The other thing I bought here was a lovely wooden box with a metal handle and the word 'OXO' on the front and back.  I love the patina on this box and it looks great in the corner of my kitchen holding my oils!

Else bought one too which had the word 'SOAP' on it and is now on the back of her toilet holding her loo rolls!


We then went on to Sudely Castle where they were holding a Grand Spring Sale.

They have one here every year and Else has been trying to get me to come for years.  I'm so glad I did this time - loads of gorgeous stalls with beautiful items, the majority of them handmade.

The photos below are of a few of the stalls.  The chicken house makes me want to keep chickens even though I don't want the hard work - would a fake chicken be that wrong?!!

We both bought a couple of these blackboard garden spikes to chalk our children's names on to plant in their 'garden crates'.  I think they are lovely.

I also bought something for myself for once.  I bought a white linen dress which I just love.  It has ruching detail at the top and has pockets on the side seam.  I think it would look great over jeans too as it is about knee length.  I also bought a turquoise bead necklace to wear with it.  It's hanging on my wardrobe door at the moment to remind me to lose weight and get trim so that I can wear it in France - otherwise I'll have to turn it into a pillow!

One final pic of all our children.  You should know mine by now (1 and 3) and the other two, by the process of elimination are Else's (2 and 4)!  Lily always has a hard time saying goodbye to people - look how sad she is having to leave Solene and Henri!  Bless her x

It was lovely to have a weekend away from home, not worrying about the mess and going girly shopping with one of my oldest friends - I am definitely going to do this more often!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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  1. Hi Samantha! SOunds like a perfect weekend. I love the goodies you came home with and yes, I think it might be worth having a fake chook just so you could have the super-cute chook house! How cute is that?!!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend Sam! I love all of your treasures!! Your dress is so pretty:) I think that chicken coop is so gorgeous, I would love chickens too (but without the work & our labrador retriever doggy would not mix well with them!). Enjoy your new lovely finds, I think your children's gardens are going to look fabulous!! Hope you have a great week ~ Tina xx

  3. It sounds like you had a great weekend! Your finds are fantastic. I love both the crate and the box. I really like the idea of the crate gardens with sunflowers and those cute little spikes! xx

  4. Hi Samantha,
    I saw that you had found your way to my blog and curiously took a look at yours - and I am glad I did! I have not found many interior decorating blogs from the UK (whereas Sweden, Norway and Finland - for example - are inundated with country style blogs) and was happy to find your beautiful blog! (Maybe I have been looking in the wrong places...?) I absolutely love your French style cushions and a similar one has been brewing in the Swenglish home for some time. Perhaps I will get the kick I needed to finish it now!?

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Helena, The Swenglish Home

  5. What fun! I love weekends like that! All of your finds are wonderful!


  6. What a great weekend you must have had Sam. I wish I couldn have snapped up that aqua coloured shutter and that hen house is gorgeous. I love the dress you bought and the turquoise necklace is really stunning.

  7. LOVE all that great lookin stuff! :-)

    Thanks for linkin' up!



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