Wednesday, 3 March 2010

a little bit of wood and a lot of love

I've always loved crafting but when it has come to making things to sell at my parties I've tended to stick to the things I know I can make well, simply due to practice, and haven't really ventured much off track

I've been so inspired by people whose blogs I've found to have a go at other crafts
Not long ago I had a go at making my own stencils to make wooden blocks and was really pleased with having a new craft area in which to delve

I've sold so many of these as although I'm seeing them all over American blogs they are quite unusual in the UK - no doubt they're around but they're certainly not everywhere so they've been really succesful for me as I'm ahead of the game, so to speak
they've also been really popular with Welsh speakers as I've been able to make signs or names in Welsh which are a lot harder to come by
I decided to have a go at making signs so made a Boys will be Boys sign in red with white lettering to take to a party as a sample - I told the people at the party that they could have any wording in any colour and in any font
Every person except one ordered a red Boys will be Boys sign!

So I decided to make more signs to take to parties with me and have been trying to build up a little stock of them

I hope people buy them or I'll end up with lots of sayings on my walls at home!
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  1. I'm sure people will LOVE them, I know I do. Love the Beach House sign :)

  2. I know that people will buy them, who wouldn't love having any one of those gorgeous signs hanging in their home?! They are all so lovely!

    And thanks so much for posting about my Giveaway, you're so sweet!

    Kat :)

  3. Naturally, I love the Beach House one!!!

  4. Your signs are great, I love the 'Live - laugh - Love' one. I am sure that you will sell lots!
    Nellie xx

  5. Sam, these are all absolutely gorgeous!! I love the signs:) I have made blocks as well - they were really popular as new baby, christening or birthday gifts as I did custom orders that spelt out the child's name. I am sure that you will have absolutely no trouble selling your lovely signs!! You are so talented! Thank you so much for sharing:) ~ Tina x

  6. Your signs are fabulous! I've been wanting to make my own as well...just need to find a shabby old piece of wood.
    You are a talented lady!

  7. Love the signs.
    They are so appealing.

    I'm interested in the parties you talk about... do you plan parties to sell your goods? Are there several of you who do this?

    Could you tell us more?

    I'm glad you're ahead of your game- hope your sales take off!

  8. Hi 'Formerly-Corn in my Coffee Pot' - I started off by making things I saw in shops which I thought were ridiculously priced. I'd never made anything before but with practise I realised I could. When friends saw the things I made they asked for some and then so did their friends and so on. Eventually I took a load to my office and left them in a room for people to have a look at but didn't stay there as I was embarrassed in case people didn't like them etc. I was really pleased when pretty much everything I took in sold and I had orders for more. From that people asked me to put bags together for them to take to their work places and eventually I had a couple of open evenings at my home where I had wine and nibbles and left my products out for people to look at and buy with no pressure. I was then asked if I would do parties in other peoples homes and it went from there! I generally do the parties on my own but this year a friend hired a hall for a Christmas Card party and asked if I wanted to join in which I did.
    Hope I've helped but if you want any more info just let me know.
    Thanks for your interest!
    ~Sam x


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