Monday, 22 March 2010

France in June

It's decided - I've failed miserably in my attempt at economising and saving this year so we cannot afford to go the Pacific Northwest this year (boo hoo!) so in June we will be heading off to the Loire Valley in France instead

We plan on breaking up the trip so will be staying overnight near Mont St Michel so my children can visit this wonderful place which I went to on my first trip abroad with my school when I was 11

We will then be spending a week in one of these beautiful houses - but which one?
Decisions, decisions - the more you look the more overwhelming it becomes!

House no 1

House no 2

House no 3 (my favourite but it isn't available for the week we want - we are going to e-mail the owners just in case it becomes available - isn't it just gorgeous?!)

Au revoir!

Quick update - we have now booked house no 3 so it will 'belong' to us for one week in June - lucky me!!


  1. Ahh to be able to say that going to France was a second choice...lucky you! I have been to France just once and I really wanted to go to Mont St-Michel, but we ran out of time! All of your house choices are beautiful!

    Kat :)

  2. Wow, France! I spent only a few days there about 13 years ago and connot wait to go back - though it is so far away from Aus. No 3 would also be my pics and then no2, but who are we kidding...anywhere would be brilliant!
    Thanks for your lovely comment about my necklaces. In answer to your question, Molly is a Labradoodle. She is a brilliant dog :)

  3. Oh Sam, I can't be sorry for you, France!!!!I would love to go to France! I know that you are much closer so it isn't as exciting for you as it would be for me :(
    I like the number 2 house. Very nice! xx

  4. You lucky thing Sam!!! All those houses look gorgeous. How exciting! :)

  5. WOW!! I wish I could fail at saving and still end up with a trip to France!! You are so lucky and how exciting!! House No. 2 for me:)~ Tina xx

  6. Hi all - I don't mean to sound blaze - I know a trip to France is amazing and I do really love France (I think I've already been 9 times) but it is just an hour away by boat or plane so it doesn't really feel like a major holiday. In this country we can go to France for a day trip! Anyway, all booked and house no 3 is ours - I am so excited - I absolutely love it and really can't wait. We are going with my sis and her family so it should be wonderful!


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