Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tag - you're it! Seven things about me on my baby boy's birthday.

Today, 28th February, 24 years ago my husband and I went on our first date.

not our first date but the very early days
(brown faces with white necks were all the rage in Wales in the early 90's along with hideous clothes and matching colours at weddings!!)
Today 12 years ago we had our first child.

I cannot believe that I gave birth to this little man 12 years ago today.

It only feels like it was a few months ago.

I almost burst into tears every time I think he could be off to University in 6 years.

My plan is to mother him so much he never wants to leave home!

In just a couple of years I'm going to have girls knocking on the door for him - I'm stocking up my ammunition now - keep away - he's mine!

Mummy's handsome boy!

Now for the seven things about me:

Tina from Rubies Place has tagged me and I now have to reveal seven things about me.

1. As you can see I'm a very posessive and overprotective Mummy - I love my babies to the point where I feel sick if they go off on a school trip or I don't know where they are. Silly, I know but I worked hard to make them and intend keeping them for as long as I can before they go off into the big wide world without Mummy by their side! (And no, before you ask I'm not on medication!)


2. I did a parachute jump when I was 22. I was petrified and when it was my turn to jump I had to be 'helped' to the edge of the open door as my heels were digging in trying to push me back. I screamed and swore until my parachute opened and then enjoyed every minute of it.

This photo always cracks me up - you can see the absolute terror in my face!


3. When we were younger everywhere we went my husband was told he looked like Paul Newman. I mean everywhere - we would be in pubs, restaurants, weddings... at the time it meant nothing to me but now I thinks it's pretty cool that a plain jane like me could pull a Paul Newman lookalike!


4. I love the Twilight books - I defy anyone to read them and not fall absolutely in love with Edward's character. These books are so different to anything I normally read and just blew me away! Thank you Stephanie Meyer!


5. I don't drink a lot of alcohol. It's not deliberate. I'm not against alcohol. I wish I liked wine - I'd love to have a wine glass in my hand when I'm out and look all ladylike and sophisticated but I can't stand the taste of it. I also don't like the feeling of being really drunk. If I do drink anything it's beer so there goes any attempt at looking ladylike! I probably only drink alcohol two or three times a year - I'm honestly not as boring as I sound!


6. I wish I had more money to travel. There are so many places I want to go and I really want my children to see the world but no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to save enough to get very far!


7. I love that I have met so many like minded and really interesting and talented people through blogging. I consider so many of you my 'friends' as we have so much in common and hope we all keep this up and remain good friends.


Thanks for tagging me Tina - it was fun.


Now I want to pass this on to everyone who reads my post as I don't want to offend anyone by leaving them out. It's over to you to reveal 7 things about you.

Tag - you're it!!


PS. not sure what I've done but I posted this today and it's come up with yesterdays date and I can't change it - 8th thing about me - I'm hopeless with computers!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to Seth!! I hope he has had a wonderful day, and hope you have too ~ after all I think children;s birthdays are just as special for the parents as they are for the child:)

    Samantha, I loved learning these 7 things about you, I hope you had fun doing this post! I am identical to you on your first point! So many people think I am weird for not even letting our girls go in cars of parents we don't know properly or on sleepovers...and like you I am NOT on medication:) I think you are amazing for jumping out of a plane, I just could never do it, so BRAVO to you!! Your husband is a dead ringer for Paul Newman!!! I love the twilight books too - shh don't tell anyone !! Thanks so much for sharing these amazing things about yourself, it has been so great to learn more about you my friend ~ Tina x

  2. You came up with a great list Samantha - I really enjoyed getting to know you more. Happy birthday to your son!! How lovely that your gorgeous son was born on the same date that you and your husband went out. Love that you're a protective mum :) I haven't read the Twilight books - I'm a bit apprehensive that they won't live up to my Harry Potter standard :) I too am not a huge drinker. I agree that blogging is such a great way to meet like minded people x

  3. OOh i loved reading your 7 things! Your little boy is gorgeous and yes its very scary once they start to grow up ! Love Twilight as well and you have to read this new book called FALLEN by Lauren Kate - just loved it and cannot wait for the next one, due Sept i think.
    Am so sorry you were not my winner...but...the ebay seller is mynedesign1 so you could see if she will post internationally? worth a try i guess.
    take care (ps i have been with my hubby similar amt of time too - where DID the time go?)

  4. Hi Sam,
    Loved reading those 7 things about you and I'm also not a big drinker and can't remember a time when I have ever been properly drunk. Don't see the point! Very glad I discovered your blog.
    Nadine x

  5. Hi Samantha ~ I had to pop back and see your parachuting pic, and I am so glad I did!! It is priceless - I am so in awe that you did that!! You are incredibly brave and should be so proud of yourself!! I seriously could NEVER do it!! ~ Tina xx

  6. Happy Birthday to your handsome son! And I'm an over protective mom too! Even with mine being 22 and almost 18!

    I think it's so cool that you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, I could never...I'm afraid of heights!

    And I'm not a big drinker either, just never have been, though I did drink a 1/2 pint when I was last in England!

    It was great finding out more about you!

    Kat :)

  7. How sweet. What a handsome boy you have there!

  8. Gosh your husband sure does look like Paul Newman and you are no plain jane either!! Happy birthday to your young man!
    ps, sadly it is really really hard to post a comment on your blog under typepad id and go around in circles through word verification etc etc it keeps failing waaah! So have just gone with the address instead as was about to give up ;0)


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