Saturday, 27 February 2010

My bedroom

Here are some more photo's of my bedroom

We've had the bed for about 15 years and I would love to change it but don't feel I can as my children have grown up in this bed too. I actually prefer the bed in my spare/guest bedroom and may switch them over one day but for now this one stays.

We've had our bedroom furniture for over 20 years and it's really solid and well made but the colour has 'oranged' over the years so I have big plans for this piece. Ana from Knock off Wood has really inspired me and I'm about to make a slightly altered version of her version of the Pottery Barn Cameron TV stand for my kids TV room. If I manage to do a reasonable job of this I plan on making an open cubby hole shelving unit to sit on top of this dresser in my bedroom. I just love the bedroom furniture in the film "What Lies Beneath" (see second photo below) so would like my bedroom furniture to resemble the unit in their bedroom. I plan on painting the whole thing white eggshell like the panelling behind my bed (by the way the inspiration for the panelling behind my bed was from the film "The Last Mimzy" and the secret service agent had similar panelling in his bedroom). I fantasised about that for months until my husband recreated it for me about 2 years ago. I love it!

image courtesy of hooked on houses

by the way is it me or can anyone else see a spaniel's face in the mirror in this room?

some little silver votives on each end of the small shelf on top of the panelling - plus a little silver giraffe - they are my favourite animals

a twig heart and a little linen embroidered heart from a holiday in France
(you can't have too much love in a bedroom!)

Before you all go I would like your opinions please - what colour should I paint my bedside cabinets?:

white - the same as my dresser and shelving unit

blue - like this gorgeous dresser over at Just Beachy

or black like the furniture in Layla and Kevin Palmer's guest bedroom at The Lettered Cottage?

I'm really stuck here so would welcome any thoughts!

Sam xx


  1. Your bedroom is beautiful! I love your bed, your accessories, and the pretty bedding! And I saw a rocking horse head in the mirror, and a spaniel too depending on how closely I stared at it, lol!

    As far as what color to paint your bedside tables. What about a pale grey/green? Is that the color I see in your bedding or it more of a taupe? Is there a soft blue in your bedding as well, that would be lovely too?

    Thanks for sharing your bedroom with us, it's wonderful!

    Kat :)

  2. A soft blue would be beautiful with some accents in the cushions. Your bedroom looks so relaxing and serene.... as all good bedrooms should! A-M xx

  3. Hi Samantha~ Your bedroom is stunning and looks like it should be in a magazine my dear!! I love your bed! I love all of your wonderful ideas and wow you are lucky that your husband replicated that panelling for you, it is divine! I can't wait to see the changes you make with your other furniture. As for the bedside tables, I like Kat's suggestion of a pale grey/green. I have one in our bedroom that is a french green with a kind of grey/white wash and then antiqued with a brown wash (ok, sounds awful, but it looks lovely!!). Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be stunning! ~ Tina x

  4. Your bedroom is lovely Samantha - looks like a really cosy, relaxing room. Love your bed frame and your bed linen. I initially was thinking a taupe/grey for your side cabinets but out of your three options, I like the idea of a blue with some hints of this colour added around the room. White is always nice though. I'll look forward to seeing what you decide on :)

  5. THANK you so much for sharing! My bedroom has similar furniture, is of similar size and I sooooo debate if I should trim out the one wall like you did. I am inspired.

  6. I love your bedroom!


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