Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Inspiration from A Country Farmhouse

I am reluctant to post photo's of my house at the moment until I can either beg, steal or borrow a better camera.
Instead, today I am posting photo's of a house I wish I lived in. They are all photos from A Country Farmhouse which is owned by Trina and her husband. They are doing up a beautiful old house and it's outbuildings in the Northwest and have done such a spectacular job that I wanted to share it with others who may not have found them yet.
simple and stunning

so tasteful

My favourite combination - hex tiles and beadboard - I would give anything to get my hands on those tiles - you just cannot get them in the UK - WHY NOT!!


MAJOR closet envy!

And finally their porch - look at that view!!!
I would never leave this spot with a view like that.

SO jealous!

Go have a visit to A Country Farmhouse to see even more inspirational photos.


  1. Hi Samantha, You are so kind to mention me on your blog! I was so thrilled to see that you're from Wales. I spent a semester abroad at Oxford Brookes University and traveled up to Wales one weekend. It's a beautiful place and I miss those gorgeous braided hedges and the green rolling hills of the countryside. So happy to have made a new friend! xoTrina

  2. Oh how gorgeous is this house Samantha ~ very 'us' I would think!! That kitchen and bathroom are divine:) Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous home. The owners have done a beuatiful job, I would love my home to be just like that!! Have a lovely day ~ Tina xx

  3. uh yeah, total closet envy! and that kitchen is to die for.

  4. How beautiful, I love the bathroom and the closet. In fact I could just move right in.
    Nellie xx

  5. What a pleasant place to stay and live in a place like this. So nice to live in a place like that. :)

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