Monday, 1 February 2010

Bathroom Makeover

We bought our house from new 12 and a half years ago. I think it's obvious from the photos below that I did not buy my house for the bathroom! I am the unproud owner of the worlds smallest and most hideous bathroom. It's really badly laid out with the toilet in the middle so you have no place within reach to hang a toilet roll holder. The bathroom is actually smaller than the bath! My husband made a tongue and groove bath panel a few years ago and when we removed the 'lovely' plastic one which came with the house we saw that the wall at the foot of the bath had been gouged out a bit for the end of the bath to fit just inside the wall!! The builders also left out tiles behind the toilet and when I asked the sales person why it was because it saved money!

Did you notice the hideous reggae coloured sign my brother brought back from Barbados for us! He is a yachtsman and always brings us something back - he laughed when he gave this to me but I felt I had to put it somewhere for a while - on top of the cabinet out of sight was the best place I could find.

We have an ensuite so originally decorated this bathroom for the children - we thought blue was nice and cheerful however, as my children have got older they prefer to shower in the en-suite so I am the only one who really has baths.

I have big plans for my little bathroom but it involves changing every single thing in there. I want to push the wall by the window back a foot so that we only have a small window sill and a few inches more room. I want to change the whole suite and have a traditional sink and a clawfoot bathtub. I want subway tiles and cladding on the wall. I have a gorgeous slate photo frame ready to go above the bath. I want white cladding on the ceiling with little spotlights. I want either slate on the floor or hex and dot tiles. Hex and dot tiles do not exist in the UK so I can only get this if I go on holiday to The States. I want the walls to be painted in a very pale shade of green like the lightest green in sea glass. Want, want, want.... Plus I want a holiday first so this bathroom is just a way off dream for now.

I tend to live with things I hate and prefer to wait until I can have things exactly the way I want them. The reason for this is that I would rather not waste money on an area I have no look on plus I tend to find that just making a little change tends to lead to another and another... so I end up spending loads of money to still not have things the way I want them.

Anyway!! I was browsing through blogland recently and notice Lemonade Makin Mama's bathroom makeover for just the cost of a tin of paint. I still had some paint left over from my kids room/study/craft room re-do (I have not posted photos of this yet as still a few bits left to do but I will do when it looks right). I was inspired. So decided to re-paint this horrid room and do nothing else. It's amazing what just a paint job can do. I'm much happier with this room now and am happy to leave the door open - it was always closed before to hide the hideousness. I still have a small horrible bathroom but it's one I can bear to live with for a bit longer now!

A heart shaped stone my kids found and wrote Mum and Dad on it
Some starfish my son bought on a holiday in the South of France

My precious sea glass and a piece of driftwood my husband and son found on the shores of Lake Ontario and insisted on bringing back with us

A vintage mirror we bought from a junk shop when we lived in London
A little bowl I bought recently reduced from £8 to £2. I didn't know what I was going to do with it but bought it because I thought it was cute. I filled it with little heart shaped soaps that had been sitting in a cupboard for ages.

A stool that was next to my daughter's bed which I have 'borrowed' to sit next to the bath. She does have three other stools in her room and only one bottom so I don't think she'll miss it!

A fisherman's knot door stop that I used to sell in my shop. I had the last one!

I still have to make a blind or some kind of window treatment - I'm thinking of just a short white linen or burlap panel held loosely in place with ribbon or string (this is, after all, just a temporary re-do). I also need to buy a white bathmat for the floor and am halfway through painting a mirror to go on the wall next to the sink. Even a small project takes time!

I apologise, once again, for the quality of my photo's. Unfortunately my finances cannot stretch to a DSLR camera just yet but it is on my list of wants (which as I've already pointed out, is a very long list!).


  1. I think it looks wonderful and I love all of the little touches like the sea glass and that very cool heart shaped rock your kids found!

    I had no idea they didn't sell hex tiles in the UK?! You should start a company that imports them! Or you can pay me and I'll personally carry you over a nice big box! ;)

    Your bath looks wonderful now, so if you do completely re-do it at some point in the future I'm sure it will be fantastic! I'm still waiting to re-do our master bath, but it's a ways off I'm afraid!

    Kat :)

  2. Hey that looks awesome! Tanner and I were toying with redoing the bathroom this weekend! But then we decided that watching a movie and relaxing sounded much better haha. NEXT weekend though. But I love the paint color!! That stool is just darling too!!!

  3. Oh my goodness Samantha - reading this post I am sure we are kindred spirits!! Firstly your bathroom makeover looks fantastic! I love that you can tell where each piece came from, that is something that I also make a priority in our home!! Secondly all of the things that you want to do in your BIG reno one day are exactly all of the things I want to do to our bathroom (although we do have a clawfoot bath - burgundy ergh and I would like to pull up our floor tiles and have white floorboards). I just love what you have done with your bathroom - you have decorated it so beautifully!! Enjoy your gorgeous 'new' bathroom - Tina xx

  4. Ooh Samantha - so sorry but I forgot to say LOVING your collage :) Yay you!! Have a lovely day - Tina x

  5. Oh yes - thanks for the tips on the collage, Tina. It did take me a while to work out though - I really haven't got a clue when it comes to computers. I spent ages pressing buttons and eventually got it sorted then decided to try and make a blog button which took me over two hours and I still don't think it works properly. I've got a box with a red cross on the top and can't seem to get rid of it! Oh well...

  6. Girl I LOVE it!! I'm so pleased you were inspired and just went for it!! Good for you. A little paint and decor shuffling can make such a difference, can't it?


  7. Hi again Samantha - sorry to dominate your post. Just wanted to let you know that I added your blog badge to my sidebar if that is ok, it is gorgeous by the way, you clever lady!! If you want me to remove it please let me know :) - Tina xx

  8. I can TOTALLY relate to your bathroom situation - we re-did our ensuite a little while back (it was all mission brown and cream - yuck!! and is now white and charcoal grey - I too am looking for 'icy green' coloured accents. Unfortunately, our main bathroom is still the ugly brown and cream but it hasn't been our priority just yet. Your bathroom looks so much fresher with the white paint!! It's amazing what a lick of paint can do :) Love that little stool too! It will be nice to slowly transform your bathroom into a sort of 'spa sanctuary for yourself to enjoy. I also agree with not rushing things and waiting to get exactly what you want - I follow this philosophy, which is probably why so much of our house is still undecorated!!! Enjoy your week Samantha x


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