Sunday, 3 January 2010

Look what Santa (aka my husband) got me for Christmas

When I was researching craft rooms last year I noticed that several people had come up with really good ways of storing their craft products and projects. In my quest to get my craft room/study area organised I came across a lovely metal tiered basket (similar to some that I had seen in other craft rooms) that I really wanted but cost quite a bit so I thought I would wait until after Christmas to see if there was any money left in the pot! I love this basket as I thought it wouldn't take up a lot of room and would force me to try and stick with one craft project at a time instead of having several projects in various stages of completion all over the house (mainly the dining room table). This is one of my many new year resolutions .... along with beating stress (usually caused by me having too many things on the go at once), managing my finances, getting my house organised and finishing the decorating, saving for a holiday to the Pacific Northwest later this year.......

......... I was so surprised to open my presents on Christmas Day and find this basket amongst them. How lucky am I? For once, my husband listened to me and I didn't have to ask for the receipt for any of my presents this year!!

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  1. Haha, that funny. My hubs and I don't buy for each other anymore... We just by what we want and wrap it up! (and yet, we still surprise each other..."You got WHAT?" haha!)

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