Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The beauty of sea glass

My home is rather dull. I'm not a huge fan of colour. I find bright colours too busy and need a calm home after my always hectic days. My head is always so full of stuff that there's no room for colour. I'm not saying I don't have any colour in my home. I have ivory and red ticking in my kitchen, pale blue in my son's room, raspberry in my daughter's room and little splashes of red here and there (cushions etc) but my walls stay fairly neutral.

I do however, have a passion for green. I absolutely love sea glass.

Whenever I'm on a beach my head is usually bent forward scouring the sand and stones for a jewel. I only keep the green ones. The browns and blues get put back for some other treasure hunter to find. When my children go to the beach they always come back with at least one piece for me. I keep lots of them in a bottle in my bathroom but have others sitting around candles in hurricane lamps and often find loose bits in my bags or coat pockets.

Sea glass is going to be the inspiration for a relaxing, beachy bathroom. Our bathroom is horrible. Really small. Really ugly modern suite. Our priority this year is to save for a holiday but I would also like to redo our bathroom. Old fashioned suite with boat bath. Beadboard ceiling with recessed lights. Beadboard around the walls. Subway tiles. Sea glass coloured walls. I have a beautiful slate photo frame ready to put just above the bath. Hex and dot floor tiles (which don't exist in the UK so if I do manage to save for a holiday I'll be bringing these home in my suitcase). Bleached oak window sill where my sea glass collection will have pride of place. We also have a few jars with sand from beaches we have been to and labelled them with the name of the beach and the year. Free souvenirs.

I have one jar with sea glass I collected from one tiny beach. And what is in this jar is only about one tenth of what I actually got from that beach. Greedy you may say - leave some for other people. Oh no, I earned that glass! I am still traumatised by my journey to get that glass.

It all started when we went to visit my brother, who lives in Majorca, Spain. Majorca is very popular with British tourists and for this reason I have always avoided going there. My image of drunken Brits was impossible to overcome. Anyway, we did visit and were stunned at how beautiful the island is. I mean gorgeous. Keen to avoid the really touristy beaches my husband and I each chose a postcard of a beautiful beach and my brother agreed to help us find them. Off we went to find my husbands beach first. All we had to go by was a cross on a tiny map on the back of the postcard showing the general area of the beach. We did eventually find it after making a few mistakes and finding other equally gorgeous beaches. We had to go through a small gate, through a cactus garden along a cliff then climb down another cliff to get to the beach. The only other two people on the beach were a couple of naked (yes, not a stitch on!) elderly people. Typical, I thought. Trust my husband to choose somewhere so remote!
Oh no!

There was worse to come when it was my turn. It turned out the beach I chose was right at the north of the island and could only be accessed by boat or by a road. The infamous road to Sal Calobra.

The road twists and turns down the highest mountain on the island and goes on for about 12km. At every point you can see miles of road ahead of you and the road is famous for winding up and down and around the mountain so that you can't tell if a bit of road you can see is ahead of you or a bit you have already travelled along. There is only a small curved stone wall stopping you from going over the edge. And EVEN WORSE buses go along the road and you have to squeeze your car up against the little wall for the buses to pass. I didn't know I was capable of squeaking in fear until then! Also at one point the road does a 360 degree turn and you go around in a complete circle and can see a drop in every direction - heaven! NOT!
It took about 40 minutes to get from the top to the bottom and after 30 minutes of nervous laughter my hysteria got the better of me and I started to cry!! Much to the amusement of everyone in the car, which made me worse as I was worried that if my brother was laughing so hard he would lose concentration and we would go over the edge. This only made them laugh more!
Almost there - phew

At the bottom was the tiniest stony beach and it's amazing to think that the road was made for access to such a tiny place.
I did my usual beach combing and sea glass was everywhere! Some German tourists saw what we were doing and joined in then gave me their haul. We half filled a litre coke bottle.
I hope this long winded story goes to explain why I was justified in wiping out an entire beach of it's sea glass and being so selfish. I earned that glass! In case you're wondering going up was just as scary and I cried on the way back too!! I will go back one day but by boat!!
Here are some beautiful images which bring to mind the colour of sea glass or the beach.

All of these pictures, I think, have a really calm feel to them (unlike the ones above!)


  1. Oh my Goodness!!!....someone has been a busy girl since yesterday!......I don't suppose it has anything to do with being snowed in!

    Are you sure you are not having an affair with Santa!...He was very kind to you...you have obviously been a very good girl lately.

    Keep up the good work..your blog is brill!

    Anon the Elder xxx

  2. I have never found a piece of sea glass in my entire life - and I look whenever I'm on the beach! (Granted, I'm not there often, but still.)

    I share your love of the color green. I also love blue and any variation of the two. So serene!

  3. Hello Anon the Elder.
    Yes I'm snowed it but am getting fed up with it all now. Being stuck in the house makes me sleepy! Are you snowed in too?
    I have been a good girl and was really surprised to get the baskets - and delighted. Will they help me become more organised I wonder!!
    Probably not!

  4. Great post!! That road made me sick just looking at it:o Lovely pics of soothing sea glass green:) I love that color too. BTW your goals for the new year were terrific. I hope you are able to fulfill all your resolutions:)

  5. What a beautiful post - not so sure about the windy mountain road :) but love the rooms you've posted. That sea green is such a gorgeous shade - such a calm, refreshing colour. I adore all of the images you've posted but especially the laundry - if I had a gorgeous room like that I'm sure washing and ironing wouldn't seem so bad :)


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