Thursday, 17 December 2009

Kasey at Lola B's has taken the big step of closing down her lovely shop and is having a giveaway. Check out her blog to enter

Just one of the beautiful items that Lola B's used to carry.

Good luck (but hope I win!) x

Saturday, 12 December 2009

And the winner of my giveway is.....

Before the draw for the winner of my giveaway could be done I had to have another draw. Who was going to be the one to pull the winner's name out of the pot?! They both wanted to do it. Neither one would give in to the other. Lily went off and wrote 'pull' and 'not pull' on pieces of paper and the first draw took place. Lily won.

Can you just about make out who won?! And the winner is.............RM.
Congratulations to you, RM and hope you love the prize. I'll be contacting you to arrange to post your prize to you. Well done and Merry Christmas x

Monday, 7 December 2009

Step Right Up to The Nest's First Giveaway

Anyone struggling with finding unusual but lovely stocking fillers for children?
Let me help you.
I have decided to have a giveaway.
When I had my shop I used to have some lovely things for children and have a few bits left over so have decided to give them away to one lucky winner.
I went to a trade show in Paris a few times and came across a lovely company called Les Choupinettes. They made a modern version of the paper dress up doll. These dolls are made out of a kind of plastic (a bit like a credit card) and have velcro clothes which can be changed. One of the things I loved about these dolls is that they can be taken along anywhere - I'm all for toys that can be taken in the car on long journeys or can keep kids occupied at tables in restaurants so these were a hit for me. I am giving away one of these dolls (Zoe la fee) and a spare set of clothes.
Next up for grabs are two Rosie Flo colouring books. The beauty of these books is that the bodies are already drawn and kids just have to add heads and colour away! The books are themed and I have Rosie Flo's garden and Rosie Flo's games to give away.
And last but not least I'm going to give a lovely pack on birthday invitations. These have a lovely ballerina on them and are very girly!
I then thought that this kind of leaves out anyone with just boys so had a rummage and have come up with a male alternative!
Les Choupinettes did a boy 'doll' - we won't however refer to him as a doll - we shall call him an action hero. He is Arthure et son Amure. He comes with his Royal atire and his full battle armour but unfortunately there were no spare clothes available for poor Arthure. Just goes to show that boys don't need as many clothes as we girls do!
In addition to that I have a Build your own snowman kit. This kit has everything you need to make a snowman except the snow. No more hunting for carrots, buttons, coal, an old scarf..... NO - this set contains wooden versions of the lot - wooden carrot nose, wooden buttons, wooden pipe... plus a felt scarf and felt hat. In spite of the fact that we only have about one day of snow in the UK a year these were really popular!
Also a set of Christmas plasters/band aids and a pack of 8 really cool party invitations with a drummer on them.
I'm so sorry my pictures are so awful - I may try to take better ones in daylight tomorrow.
OK - so now onto how you can win:-
1. Become a follower - the obvious one first (one entry)
2. leave a comment - not just any comment - tell me what you would like to find in your stocking this Christmas (I said what, not who!) - another entry
3. Post a link to this giveaway on your blog/site - another entry
At least three chances to win
If you win let me know whether you want the boy prize or the girl prize.
Entry closes at Midnight (British Standard time) on Friday 11th.
I'll have my kids pull out the winning name/number on Saturday and will post it straight away.
Good luck x

Lucky Me!

I won a raffle prize in work today. A gorgeous Christmas Hamper full of luxury cookies, chocolates, jams, chutneys, wine etc.
There is a lovely wooden block in the middle of the front of the basket with a letter M painted on - I love it!!
I'm so pleased cos I hardly ever win anything and I really loved this basket (which I am going to put to use in the study/kids room when I eventually finish decorating) so at the last minute I bought a second raffle ticket for £1. That was the winning ticket.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My first ETSY sale

Yippee! I have made my first sale on Etsy to a lovely lady from Florence in Italy. I am so jealous that people actually get to live and work in such beautiful places. The sign arrived today and Francesca e-mailed me to let me know how pleased she was with the sign which is a Christmas present for a friend who she is sure is going to love it.

I always doubt myself when I make anything and wonder whether what I'm pleased with is actually crap and I can't see it so it's lovely when a complete stranger lets you know how much they like something you've made and can see how much work has gone into it.

Let's hope this is the start of many sales!

Twig giveaway

My friend Jana at is having a giveaway. She is kindly offering a wreath, a gift voucher for a gorgeous online shop called Ruche (I don't suit hats at all but I so wish I did so I could have the pearly belle cloche), a pair of socks and a lovely home made banner like the one Jana made below.

Check out Jana's blog here: and enter to win! Good luck x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

I have always loved decorating for Christmas and ever since my son was born we have had a big Christmas tree full of the decorations I have been collecting and making for years. We usually have to move the furniture to fit the tree in and every year both my children help me choose the decorations we are going to put on the tree and then help me decorate it. As I usually end up with a tree with several decorations on every branch from about a third of the way down and nothing on the top I tend to edit the tree when they have gone to bed. This year I have decided to go for a simple look for the living room and just have a small table top tree decorated simply in white.
my little white tree!
I'm not that mean - the children will still have their big and more colourful tree but in their 'little room' (our garage conversion which has been the bain of my life since it was converted a few years ago and which we have just started to remodel). As soon as the room is even remotely ready for a tree I'll be decorating and will post some photos.