Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Johnson family's first ever camping trip

Camping Trip

Last week we went camping (for the very first time, as a family) with our friends, The Alemans. Although the weather was pleasant (can't expect sunny or hot here in Wales) we did have gales and torrential rain for the last two nights, which surprisingly didn't dampen my spirit nearly as much as I thought it would have. It was actually quite cosy lying in our tent listening to the storm outside although I didn't sleep much as I was worried a tree might blow over and fall on our tent!

This is a picture of our canvas 'holiday home'! Not exactly 5 star luxury is it?!

We toasted marshmallows around a smouldering barbecue (no camp fires allowed on our camp site!):

And the kids all went on a climbing and zip wire adventure (braver than I am !)

What a brave lot!

On the last (stormy) day we went to look at some fab rock formations off the Pembrokeshire coast however, for some reason it didn't dawn on me that these formations would have to be viewed from the edge of a very high and steep cliff! Unfortunately I didn't have the nerve to drag my babies along the edge of a cliff to get photos of the other rock formations (they look great on the postcards we saw so that will have to be enough for me). I managed to get one of my two on the wooden viewing platform overlooking Green Bridge which is a spectacular arch formation in the rocks and a home to a host of wildlife. As you can tell from the photo my children almost blew away so we bid a hasty retreat back to the car and will have to come back in the summer to see it all - oh wait, it is summer!! The joys of living in Wales!

Now we have the camping bug it's off to plan our next trip - may have to be to the South of France so we can have a bit of sun!