Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My pathetic attempt at acting!

Well I went off for my little adventure of being an extra on Monday. I'm ashamed to say that the filming took place in a little village only about 40 minutes from where I live and I've never been there before in my life. It was such a beautiful drive through green Welsh valleys that I felt like I was in Canada or New Hampshire. I had assumed there would be loads of extras but there were only 3 of us which did make me start to feel a bit nervous. They dressed me in 80's clothes but I feel I looked like an old fashioned farmers wife! The sun sets early in valleys and after about 3pm I couldn't feel my feet. When my time to peform came I had to walk down a gravel alley way and come out just behind the actors who were being filmed then walk down a hill. Unfortunately, they gave me really clompy boots which made too much noise on the gravel - the director mimed tip toeing to me but it was no good - the damn boots ruined my chance of stardom. So, film lovers, you probably won't get a glimpse of my fat behind in a hideous (but thankfully warm) leather coat when the film comes out but I will know .. I was there!

Unfortunately no photos cos as soon as we were dressed we were whisked off in a mini bus and I left my camera behind. Never mind. I did get to see Paddy Considine acting all day though which was quite exciting - shame about his 80's mullet!


  1. But it was still fun I bet! How funny to be in clumpy old boots!

  2. I know - just my luck!! Never mind I still get paid so can still buy myself a souvenir from the time I saw a scene in a movie being filmed (even if I din't end up taking part much!!).


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