Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Gorgeous Christmas Blocks

I've just come across this lovely idea from HowDoesShe?com. Aren't they just gorgeous. I really want to try and make a set of these for my mother. She has three of us -me, my sister and our baby brother (he's 37 actually but he'll always be our squirt of a little brother who annoyed the hell out of us when we were growing up and even to this day I never let him forget how he used to chase us to hit us with his toys guns!). He lives in Majorca so we don't get to see him very often unfortunately so I'm sure my Mum would love to see his face on her Christmas tree! Both my sister and I each have two children (and one husband!) so we could make a complete set. There are other ideas on this link so check them out. They are amazing!

photo from HowDoesShe?com
Check out the complete list of ideas here:

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  1. Thanks for featuring us on your blog! I love the blue and brown background that you have!


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