Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dining Room

Since I've discovered blogging and seen so many gorgeous homes I've been spurred on to try and get my own house in order. I'm very set in my ways and tend to find a look I like and stick with it .... for years! I've been so inspired my homes I've 'nosed around' on peoples blogs that I'm trying to think outside the box and decorate in a slightly less safe way than I would normally do.

The first picture below is how my dining room has looked for years. On the opposite wall (see second pic) was another picture by one of my favourite Welsh landscape artists and it looked quite dull above the green cupboard (I'm thinking of changing the colour of the cupboard to either a lighter sludgy green or painting it black any distressing it - any thoughts or advice on this would be welcomed!). Inspired by Melanie from mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com who cut an old door in half and hung it on brackets in her dining room, which looks just amazing, I decided to move this antique French game shelf from it's hiding place behind a door to my dining room.

It took me a while to decorate it and I'm still not sure I've got it right but I'm getting there. I know my strenghts and my weaknesses and vignettes are definitely my major weakness. I can't even arrange things on my bedside tables (nightstands) and just basically have my glasses on top of books balance on magazines.... I don't like anything to look too busy and I find it really hard to display a lot of things without it looking a jumble. I decided to try and stick to a simple colour palate and make everything kind of blend in together.

Any tips on vignettes or how I could improve this look - please help!!

ps. - the 15 years on the little slate is for our wedding anniversary last week. We've actually been together almost 24 years and I can't believe how the time has flown - I'm sure I'm still only about 18!!

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