Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Seth's bedroom

Seth's room is a work in progress. I have spent quite a few evenings over the last couple of weeks repainting his room and all because of his cubby hole unit. He did have a smaller cubby hole unit which I had had made for him years ago but with the amount of stuff a growing boy accumulates he seemed to have outgrown his old one. My sister has a two year old son so Seth's old unit is now in Ned's bedroom. I had had a larger one made for my shop so had this one altered to fit Seth's room. I had to paint it and decided to repaint the walls including his panelled one which runs along the side of his bed....and so on! It's almost done but still needs a bit more work.

The only new addition to his room is the Adirondack garden chair. I have seen a gorgeous leather 'flea market' chair but at almost £800 it's way down on my list of things to do with £800! I had bought this chair to use in the garden but we had such a dreadful summer that I never took it out of the box. We then decided to put it in Seth's room until at least next year (probably much longer unless I find a cheaper leather chair).

I made this lampshade years ago. I love maps and anything to do with travel or that inspires you to think of far away places so bought a cheap white lampshade and glued stamps from all over the world on it. I love it and am planning on making one for Ned's room.

Seth did have a huge world map over his cubby hole unit but when I took it down to paint the wall I ripped the bottom of it a bit. I decided to cut the map into three pieces and frame them over cork. I've left the glass out and am going to buy map pins so that Seth can keep a record of all the countries he visits. So far I've only done one map because the frames are out of stock at TKMaxx but as soon as I've made and hung all three I'll post a photo. I think they'll look really cool plus they won't be quite so dominating as a huge map.

We decided a long time ago to put tongue and groove along one wall to break up the expanse of blue. When we were doing it we decided to stop a little way from the top of the wall and put a little shelf along to top to hold Seth's keepsakes. He has jars of left over foreign currency from our holidays abroad (not worth a lot cos we usually need to cash it all back!), baseballs, mementoes from trips and a collection of lead comic book superheroes that my husband collected for him. It's a good way to display his stuff and keeps them out of reach of other kids when they come over and ransack (I mean play in) his room!

I haven't photographed the bottom of his room as this part isn't finished. He has a chest of drawers similar to his bed behind his door but I want to add some shelving about it to display his football and rugby trophies. Most of his artwork is propped up on the floor here waiting to be rehung so watch this space!


  1. Please contact me! I would love to feature your son and daughters rooms. They're darling rooms with great ideas!!
    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Great room! I love all the details. The storage unit and adirondack chair are amazing.

  3. I love your son's room!
    Great job!

  4. Came into your blog when looking for a low maintenance garden - I am hoping to replicate it. Loved your house - especially Lily's room.

    Never posted a comment before and unsure about profile selection -


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