Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Previous Halloween parties

Halloween is nearly here. The children are getting excited (so is Mummy!) and the party bags are all done. Patrick has decided to make his world (street!) famous hot chilli and I am making spooky pasta and mummy dogs for the children. If I remember to take photos during the excitement of the night I'll post some here. In the meantime here are some photos from the last couple of Halloween parties.

Do you mind!

This guy hogs the downstairs loo every year!

This spider's eyes light up when you walk past him and he lets out a horrible (and really annoying wailing sound)

Some local trick or treaters (my two are the second ones in on each side and my nephew is sitting on my son's lap)

The exterior decorations:

The spider on our roof was made out of huge bin bags and Comic Relief spongy noses from the year before were stuck on to make it's red eyes. It was tied to the roof but moved slightly in the wind so was a bit unnerving!

I think I may have had too many sweets!

Done to death I know, but still amuses me!

Have we gone too far with this one?!
Below are picture of what is the children's favourite game of the night. Turning Daddies into Mummies. We round up all the Dads and put the kids into teams with the Dads. Each team is then given a couple of toilet rolls and have to work together to wrap the Dads up to turn them into Mummies. The prize goes to the best dressed Mummy!

Last year's proud winner!


  1. hah! I love the pukin' pumpkin haha. And the games! Fun fun! You'll have to post pictures from this year's party! :) Good luck with everything! :)

  2. I know - the puking pumpkin made everyone laugh - am going to do another one this year. Thanks for your comment - I'll put more photos on over the weekend. Love your new blog header by the way - wish I knew how to do one instead of my effort! x


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