Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lily's bedroom

Today I am posting some photos of my daughter, Lily's bedroom. Her room is actually due for a bit of re-decorating but I doubt I'll have enough time before Christmas.

Her bed was oneI bought to use in our old shop to display Greengate bedding we used to sell. I don't really like the bed and would like to find a nice wooden one without sides that I could paint to match her room but that will be in the future - for now the bed stays.

When Lily was born her bedroom was half the size it is now and could only fit a cot, chair and her armoire - we have much smaller houses in the UK than our American cousins unfortunately. Oh what I could do with more space! I am a fan of closets and built in wardrobes. Unfortunatly Lily's room was too small for a built in so I bought the Laura Ashley armoire (when it was on sale and as it was very late in arriving they gave me more money off so it ended up being quite a bargain). I knew that we could initially used it for her clothes storage and then when we got round to having our house extended it could be used for toys and games. It came with shelves but we took one shelf out and hung a rail off another. I attached fabric to the inside of the chicken wire doors to hide the mess. It looked adorable with her pretty little dresses hanging in such a teeny space. When we extended her room stayed the same width but doubled in length. We had a closet built and the armoire became a game cupboard. Her doll house sits on an old vitorian kitchen table which was cut down to make a small coffee table. I plan on painting this to blend in with her room more....one day!

Her little check nursing chair was given to me by an elderly relative of my husband while I was pregnant with Lily. It had a filthy brown velour cover, treacle coloured stained legs and stank of cigarette smoke. I went to an upholstery class and tore the chair apart down to the springs. I painted the legs in an off white shade, tightened the springs, re-used the horse hair on top, put wadding on top of that then make an upholstered calico fixed cover. I then used the fabric I had ripped off to make a template for the lovely French large check I had chosen for the main cover. This was a real labour of love. I carried the chair to class every week during my pregnancy and came home feeling filthy as I had no idea how dirty a job this was. I fed Lily myself until she was 10 months old and didn't finish the chair til she was 1 so it never got to be a nursing chair. Also the day I brought the chair home she got hold of a pen and drew on the seat. My husband managed to get all the pen out but at that stage I didn't really care - I was just glad it was finished. She now reads and watches TV on the chair and uses it as a playing area for her cuddly toys. I found a little footstool in a junk shop and painted and covered that to match. I wasn't quite so fussy with this so did it in a couple of days.
I made most of the pictures on her wall. My favourite one is a piece of a tea towel I bought in a gorgeous shop in Biarritz in the South of France. It is a typical basque heart design embroidered in a deep red. I cut this bit out and mounted it then painted a cheap plain frame in a similar shade of red which I had to mix myself until I got the right shade.

Another of her pictures was a little water colour of a child praying that I bought at a hotel gift shop when my brother got married. The red shoes were a card I bought many years ago before I had either of my children but when I bought the card I thought they would look lovely in a child's room. There is a shallow, wooden heart shaped bowl, again from France, which I stuck to her wall using sticky pads. I love the picture that Lily did at school when she was four - it is Scooby Doo, of course. I don't want to make my babies grow up too fast and Lily still adores Scooby Doo, which suits me just fine. I think her painting is brilliant and framed it so she could be proud of her work. She was bursting with pride when she saw it in a frame.
This jumbled mess is an Ikea metal notice board with a wooden frame. I don't think they sold it for very long and I don't know why because it's great. The metal part has crosses cut in the metal to hold bits and pieces in place. Old scrabble tiles are stuck to the frame to spell her name.
This little shelving unit came from TKMaxx and was canary yellow when I bought it. I used to use it in the shop but when it closed I decided I had a little space for it in Lily's room next to her chair.
I had real trouble finding a pretty looking bookcase for her room so had one made. I didn't really want her to have a TV in her room but Father Christmas bought her one last year so what can I say! I'm glad he managed to find a white one so it doesn't dominate her room.

These photos really don't do her room justice. It looks quite simple 'in real life' but these photos make it look cluttered. I may need to search blogs for tips on taking photos next! Or perhaps I should just get more organized and tidy her room a bit more before I take photos!


  1. Your daughter's room is adorable.
    I love the armoire!

  2. Sam, can i feature her room on spearmintbaby.com? shari

  3. What a cute and sweet room.


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