Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fabric Pumpkins

Today I bought some cheap orange fabric to make the fabric pumpkins I featured a few days ago. As soon as my daughter, Lily came home from school we had a go at making some as a trial before our Halloween party. They took just a few minutes each (too long and she would lose interest and hand it over to me to do!) and she was really pleased with her work. I couldn't be bothered to go and get some sticks (even though I only live about 30 yards from a forest) so snapped a cinnammon stick and we twirled green pipe cleaners around the bottom before we poked the stick into the middle. We wanted the twirly bits as Lily is a Scooby Doo fan and in The Witch's Ghost film the pumpkins have the twirly tendrils sticking up. I think they turned out great and am definitely going to get the kids to do this at our party. They are so effective. Thanks so much to "a little bit vintage" for the idea and the instructions.

Happy Halloween from Sam and Lily xoxox

Let us know what you think of our works of art!


  1. So cute! A nice project to do with kids! my daughters would love these!

  2. Hey there!! I'm gonna do these with my sunday school class! Oh and I gave you an award on my blog... woohoo thanks for your advice and encouragement as of late :) Youre great!

  3. Wow, thanks so much. I love yours too and have a few favourites I have a peek at every day - when I should be cleaning! I'll have to try and figure out how to link it to mine. Glad to be able to give some advice - hope you're feeling a bit more positive now after all the support from your online friends.
    Thanks again x

  4. These are so cute!
    pk @ ROOM REMIX


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