Sunday, 20 September 2009

This weekend I have been busy making wooden blocks. This is a new thing for me. I have been making wooden wall letters for years so this is a natural progression for me. I usually distress everything I paint after them as I feel it gives them more character. I also plan on making a load of these kind of blocks for Halloween to sell and if they go well will make some for Christmas. I am also going to make some with kids names on them with a block separating first and second names with either a heart on for a girl or a star for a boy. I am sure these will go well in my Christmas parties (I hope so anyway!). My husband cut me a load of 2.5inch square blocks which I painted and sanded a few times. I then made letter stencils (using laminating pockets) and painted the letters on. They have come out quite well and I am really pleased with them. Only thing is I now am on such a roll that I wish I could take a few days off work to keep going with them. I hate to stop once I'm in the zone! I do plan on putting some things on etsy to sell but will wait until I have made some more - keep looking!

Below are the letters I make. On a family holiday in Canada about 5 years ago I bought some wooden letters for my daughter's room. I have never seen anything similar in the UK. I sourced a guy in the States to cut the same shape letter for me (as in Molly and Love) and I order these in bulk then paint and distress them myself. These have always been really popular especially as no-one else in the UK has them. Molly is distress and love is plain.


  1. I just love those blocks, they are darling! I wish I had some for my house. Great job! I'm going to follow your blog. It's cool. Follow me to!

  2. Adorable and cute..thats what these blocks look likee, especially the 'HOPE' ones...I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog; am lovin' it!!


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