Sunday, 6 September 2009

Craft Room Inspiration

As is painfully obvious, I am new to blogging! I have been looking online for inspiration on craft rooms and how to organise craft supplies and this is how I stumbled into the wonderful world of blogging. I have been cutting pictures of beautiful rooms and houses out of magazines, then filing them into boxes according to room types, for at least 20 years. Most of my friends think I'm nuts for doing this but I just can't part with my pictures. It's fantastic to see that I am not alone and there are so many of you other home loving nuts out there! I am also an avid crafter - wish I wasn't as I can never seem to switch off. I am sure that most of you crafters, like me, amass so much stuff that I either forget what I've got or can't find what I'm looking for as it's behind or under a pile of other stuff. I make a lot of Christmas Decorations and used to sell them in my shop (which due to the recession I closed this year but I'm not sad as you have to move with the times and this is just a step in another direction). Before I had my shop I used to sell my decorations in other shops or at parties in customer's houses so am going back to that to cut my overheads. Anyway, this time of year I really need to get myself organised and find this so stressful and huge a task that I usually spend most of my time just opening my cupboard doors and just staring at the contents hoping they will organise themselves. I have found so many gorgeous craft room and work room pictures online that I am now really inspired and ready to tackly my supplies and get them labeled and organised.

I love these storage baskets being repurposed to hold craft supplies. I had a pink wire cake stand which I used to use in my shop to hold bits and pieces and I am going to spray it either grey, black or white (completely undecided cos I love all of these photos) to put on my work table when I have one! I currently use my desk or my dining table!

Now onto cabinets and storage units

I love that all the supplies in these units are on display yet still look really neat and tidy. I find that if I put things behind closed doors I never really get to use them so love the idea of things being visible yet organised.

Inspiration Boards
This board is fantastic and I may try the idea out in my daughter's bedroom as she gets older - incorporate a few different fabrics and include photo's of her and her friends and souvenirs she picks up along the way.

Small storage

The bottom two pictures are from a lady whose craft room is the most organised thing I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely stunning. Sorry I can't remember who you are as I have been googling and saving craft room images for a few weeks now but I do love your room! These are simply spice racks holding small craft supplies. I also store small bits in little glass jars from Habitat but they don't look as good as this.

Gorgeous Craft Rooms

This room is my absolute favourite and I love everything about it. I would love to sit in front of that window and day dream all day. I love the colour on the walls and the nick nacks on the walls too. It's so homely and so organised. I wouldn't say no to any of the rooms below either...

This room belongs to the lady who has organised some of her stuff in the spice jars shown earlier. I will try and find her blog/website and post a link cos there were tons of photos and very inspirational. I forgot to save a photo of where she had stencilled a ruler to the side edge of her work table to make it easier to cut fabric to size - such a good idea!

I absolutely love the rooms above and below. They are both so light and fresh - it would be a real pleasure to work in either of these rooms. Also if I had a room like either of these the rest of my house would be immaculate as I would never use any other room. On second thoughts the rest of my house would be a bomb site if my husband, son and daughter had free reign!

In Wales we use the word cwtch (even those of us who don't speak Welsh) and it means a loving cuddle or hug and both of the pictures above make me feel really cwtchy. I would love to snuggle up in either of these chairs and sew to my hearts content.
I hope when I get round to creating my own craft room it manages to look a tiny bit like one of these rooms.
I'm not sure if I have to state where I got the pictures from and also don't know how to actually do this so if I have pinched one of your photo's please accept my apologies and know that I did it because they were so inspirational!


  1. Those rooms are all so cozy aren't they? I would love a craft room like that too...only I would just curl up in a chair and read the day away, I'm afraid!

    I got your comment on my melon lover over the weekend and wanted to give you some friendly, (helpful - hopefully!) advice on blogging. I'm new too - less than a year under my belt. The best way to get people interested in your site - visiting and commenting - is to visit and comment on other sites. A lot. Keep visiting, keep commenting, and then eventually those bloggers will be interested in you and will click over to your site (which is hyperlinked to your name - so no need to leave the url in the message) and read and eventually begin commenting.

    It can be a frustrating process - but it will eventually work! That's my two cents anyway!

  2. Oooooh I love the collection of inspirational pictures you have here. I'm starting to do up my craft room myself. I'm so sick of the cardboard boxes all my junk has been sitting in for the past 9 months - it's been there since we moved! I've started saving pictures too - I also haven't kept tabs on who they belonged to as I was just going to use them myself, but I'll keep checking on your blog to see how you're going with your organisation.



  3. Love your collection!! I am 1/2 way in the process of making my Close to My Heart crop studio with grey, white and black. I liked your white and bright room picks!

  4. I love your blog and so I give you the Stylish Blogger Award. Check it out in my post!

    Love <3,

  5. Thank you for sharing that, I can't wait to start decorating and setting up my new work room and i just love that colour of the blue room.
    Perfect is just what I wanted for my studio, have been searching for the right shade.

  6. Oh, this is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing. I have been working on organizing for awhile, but I don't really have a craft room, so it's even harder! :) However, some of this is still helpful.

  7. Lovely pictures! I don't know if you use Pinterest, but that could be an answer for a way to save pictures, but also be able to point folks to the original photographer. . . .

  8. hello what beatifuls pitures!!! can you please tell me where you found the first one (in craftroom) ??
    thanks Marianne from Normandy, France

  9. Thank you for compiling and sharing all these fun ideas! I do floral design out of my home (mostly bridals) as well as other crafts am in the process of designing my own crafting room- finally! So these ideas are great! I love your blog! You have great style! My blog is I'd love to have you stop by! ~Nikki

  10. great array of pics. Very inspiring as I too am getting my craft room together.

  11. I love all of these, but my favorite is the room with the white glass front cabinets and blue ceiling...I can't wait to have a home and be able to use some of this inspiration!

    Thank you for sharing!

  12. I love your blog! I am a collector with a big room full of boxes. I hope I can turn it into a craft room.

  13. Great pictures...please supply links to the websites where you found them

  14. Hi I to am painfully new at the blogging thing just got one started and have no idea what Im doing yet... ha... I love your storage idea as I am a craft DIY nut case as well as Photography and I have stuff everywhere... deciding I will need more storage and you have been a great help!!!

  15. Hi, we are in the process of turning my shed into a craft room for me to work from home. I have a mental image of pink and white and oh so girly. At least i did until i saw all your lovely pictures.
    I am a total craft butterfly too. If ever you find time to check my blog you will see what I mean.

  16. Great post! Where are the links to the sources of the images? Usually if you use someone else's pictures, you need to provide a link back to their site...

  17. How wonderful to find this, I am looking for ideas to set up my workroom. currently its all under my kitchen table and creeping out into any available space!

    I started a business called Leons Heart last November and thats why we need a separate workroom. if you want to have a look at us. :D

  18. OMG these are stunning, gorgeous details and colors. Excellent work you did.
    Scrapbooking Supplies

  19. Hi,
    My maiden name is Hughes. I have been told it is Welsh. Is that a common name there?

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  21. Fantastic ideas! Having a limited space is not an excuse to have a disorganized room. Your wall is just waiting for you to take notice. Haha! And I think someone will easily find what they need since everything was labeled.


  22. Também procurando idéias para organizar meu cantinho (atualmente uma parte da minha garagem, nada ideal), e te achei com essas idéias maravilhosas. Espero que tudo seja bem organizado para todos nós em 2014! \o

  23. Love all the craft rooms...neat and tidy and well organised. thank you very much for sharing!! dress fabrics

  24. I love the rooms and it reminds me of when me and my mum,of Welsh descent, would cwych up on the sofa, her knitting amazing designs and me sewing and designing things. All these lovely rooms are evocative of past, present and future sewing and craft making joys.
    I'm still trying to work out storage for my very small working room. I'm seeing that it could be more effective going up,ie using wall space.


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